Alezandra and Fabio

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How We Met

They say the best relationships begin with friendship. We met in 2015 while studying for our MBAs at Lynn University… but that’s not where our story begins, really. Fast forward to yet another humid Florida night in 2017. We were both, unknowingly, going to be at the same event to cheer on a mutual friend.

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After a very smooth “hey, gorgeous!” from Fabio, and a very flustered Ale, the night was over, and that’s where our story takes off. It wasn’t too long after that humid summer’s night that we started texting each other; checking in, Fabio asking what my favorite musicals and Disney songs were, Fabio sending me Snapchat videos of him playing those same songs on the trumpet (right? Surreal) for weeks.

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Then it was time for our first date. We were both nervous wrecks but ended up having such a great time, we planned to see each other the next day, and the day after that… and the day after that.

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Making our relationship “official” was easy; we felt in our core we were meant to be together. However, the distance that came with the nature of our relationship was not. But thank God for FaceTime and planes, right?

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How They Asked

After many (many) months of booking flights, making work schedules match travel plans, and running up our unlimited data plans, Fabio pulled off the best surprise from 1,500 miles away. After five months of not seeing each other, I thought we would be able to celebrate our 2 year dating anniversary together in Guadalajara as we had talked about. Fabio then told me some sad news, he had to work that specific weekend, and would not be able to make it. “Maybe I’ll go in October, right before my birthday”, he said. I was heartbroken, and my texts and behavior totally prove it.

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The week before our two year anniversary, my parents told me there was a cocktail party we had to go to as a family, and I needed to get my hair, nails, and makeup done. Not unusual, so I, stubbornly, got my nails done that weekend.

The day of the cocktail came and I simply refused to get my hair and makeup done. I was working on a project and I didn’t feel like it was that serious. I’ve been to plenty of cocktails, plus… I could do it myself! Alas, a friend intervened and set up an appointment for me.

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I left my office late and in a terrible mood for the appointment. I wanted to keep working, and I didn’t want to go get my hair and makeup done. I got the studio, and they were also running late. With my father calling twice every hour, I started getting nervous. “I’m 150% getting yelled at when I get there,” I thought to myself. Meanwhile, I’m getting texts from Fabio asking how my day was. I don’t forget easily, so I ignored him.

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Two hours later, I hop into the car, change in the backseat, spray perfume, and deodorant and booked it as soon as the car stopped at the venue.

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I was escorted by security to the executive floor of the hotel, where I was greeted by the banner from the association my father is a part of, and my father waiting at the door. “You look amazing! Look at your hair!”

“I’m sorry I’m late!” I said.

“It’s okay! You’re right on time” he responded.

No yelling… weird…

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I said hello to my mom, who also did not yell at me, and then my dad offered me a drink. We live in Guadalajara, so the only natural thing to do is to start an event is to have tequila. There was music in the background, but I didn’t notice it until I was mid-sentence about my hectic day at work, and realized “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge was playing.

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I made a comment about and started happily swaying. It’s Fabio and my song.

The next thing I knew, someone was tapping my shoulder. I was expecting a waiter, but to my surprise, I heard “Hey, babe”.

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As I turned around, I could not believe my eyes. Fabio was in Guadalajara! For a cocktail party?

A few minutes later everything became clearer and clearer. With a swift kneel, Fabio asked me to do him the honor of becoming his forever.

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