Alexzandra and Daniel

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How We Met

Last July in a Facebook car group that we were mutually a part of. He sent me a wave emoji on messenger, which I still giggle at to this day. We talked every day, hours on end. We finally met in person a few weeks later at a meet. I texted him I was there and I was detailing under the hood of my car when I heard a whistle. My heart dropped. We hugged and spent the whole day together, it was one of the best days with many more to come. Before I knew it, I was falling in love with the love of my life. We became official in August, a promise ring came in September, and we spent every holiday or family event together (which I have a big, crazy family so I was praying he’d not run after meeting them. They all love him and he loves them, I lucked out!!).

How They Asked

The original plan had fallen through due to COVID. The man didn’t give up though, he came up with a backup plan (with some help from my parents and his) and pushed the date a month later (and to my birthday). April 25th, 2020 was my 28th birthday and unknowingly to me would become more than that. It started off with my boyfriend (now fiancé) Dan laying out our outfits for the day- we were matching in a blue Disney print, then we went out for the day, and came back for some social distancing bar hopping at my relatives’ houses. We returned to an amazing dinner my dad had prepped which led me to a food coma. I was getting up to go change when my sister insisted I just wait since one of my brothers wanted to Facetime me. So I sat on the couch and my dad said “wait everyone, let’s sit down and watch Jaws 2”. This sounds a little weird but my parents wanted to name me after a character in Jaws 2 and it’s one of my favorite movies- I thought nothing of it. The intro started and about 5 minutes in it cuts to a shammy commercial with a diver in what appeared to be an aquarium… I was a little baffled, in a food coma, still thinking nothing of it. Then it started to happen… signs popped up… “Salty kisses and an ocean full of wishes”… “There is plenty of fish in the sea”… “But you’re the only one for me”… “Alexzandra Paige Radcliffe”… “Will you marry me?”… I stared for a few with tears in my eyes until I realize Dan is on his knees, a pineapple ring box in hand, I start to cry more, becoming a blubbering mess and shaking my head yes. Needless to say, the man wanted to propose at an aquarium and he wasn’t going to let COVID stop him, so he reached out to one to do one from home and it was amazing!

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