Alexus and Zak

Proposal Ideas Middle of the ocean in the Bahamas on a cruise!

How We Met

Zak and I met on Tinder back in August of 2014, right around the time we were both heading to college. For our first date we met up at a Starbucks near my home. After the immediate spark and connection, we both got lost in conversation talking about life, school and all the little quirky first date topics. After a while we checked our phones and realized we had been there for four hours! During that time my mom got so worried I hadn’t text her back she actually drove by to make sure I was fine. Luckily I was just having a great time…. we quickly planned to see each other again and soon after we were inseparable.

How They Asked

Zak and I had booked a 7-day cruise on the MSC Seaside; along with my family and a couple of family friends. My family and I had been on multiple cruises before but I was so excited because this was Zak’s first cruise! The whole week I had an inkling that Zak may propose because our 5 year anniversary was coming up and we had talked about rings, marriage, and life together extensively. As it was nearing the end of the trip and no proposal had happened, I assumed it was going to happen another time. Honestly, I was a little sad thinking that it wouldn’t be on the trip but I knew the time would come. June 13th was the second “formal” dinner on the cruise so we got all dressed up again in suits and sparkly dresses and headed to dinner. After dinner, my mom said she wanted to get family photos done on the deck that hung over the ocean at the back of the ship. The view was beautiful.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Middle of the ocean in the Bahamas on a cruise!

Once other people cleared the bridge my mom told Zak and I to take pictures first. We walked out towards the middle and when I turned around to face him he was down on one knee. I immediately mentally blacked out because the only thing I remember him saying was “Will you marry me?” I said yes and immediately started ugly crying. It was the best day and best moment of my life. That night we celebrated like crazy and enjoyed our last day on the cruise as an ENGAGED couple!!

Special Thanks

Christy Cooper
 | Photographer