Alexus and Kallan

How We Met

Kallan and I are both from DFW, I grew up in Dallas and South Arlington. Kallan grew up in Arlington. We just graduated at the top 10% of our class at the University of Oregon about a month ago (June 18, 2018). I was a double major in Political Science and Philosophy with a minor in Business Administration. Kallan was a Business Major with a focus in Finance with a minor in Economics. Kallan is working for Synchrony Financial as a credit track member of the building leadership program. I am currently studying for my law school entrance exam.

how they asked

We are high-school sweethearts. We met at Nolan Catholic high school our freshmen year and started dating after prom junior year. Before the proposal, we had been dating for five years. The proposal was perfect, Kallan rented out a winery near our University. I was told we had dinner reservations, but we needed to do a wine and cheese board tasting before as our parents were considering renting out the same winery for graduation weekend. As dinner was right after the tasting, we had to be dressed for dinner so we could go straight there. Little did I know, there were no dinner reservations and truly no wine and cheese board tasting. When we got to the winery, I walked toward the courtyard with no suspicion until I saw a rose pedal path (the same way Kallan asked me to prom) and candles shaping the path and around the courtyard.

Where to Propose in Abbelone Vineyard in Eugene Oregon

As I still wasn’t sure what exactly was going on, I began to hear one of our favorite songs, “perfect” by Ed Sheeran, then I knew this was the moment. In the middle of the courtyard, at the end of the rose pedal path, and by a beautiful courtyard center-peice, Kallan popped the question. A few minutes later, my three best girl friends popped out from behind the tasting bar, they has been communicating with Kallan for weeks to help plan the proposal and has been at the venue for a couple of hours decorating the courtyard. Following this sweet moment of tears and laughter, Kallan and I had the courtyard to ourselves where we enjoyed a delicious cheeseboard and a special bottle of wine surrounded by beautiful Oregon trees, roses, and candles.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Abbelone Vineyard in Eugene Oregon

Alexus and Kallan's Engagement in Abbelone Vineyard in Eugene Oregon

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