Alexus and Harry

How We Met

We first met in the candy cart at Avon high school my sophomore year and his senior year. We had mutual friends who introduced us and ended up dating, then being friends, then finding each other again after he became really close with my brother. Our relationship was not perfect by any means in the last 6 years but we both did a lot of growing up and realizing how much we loved and needed each other. So we bought a house together and have been living in it for almost a year now completely happy & in love.
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how they asked

I was cheering at the men’s basketball game on November 8, 2015 and never suspected a thing. Three of the girls on my team knew it was happening, my coach, and obviously my mom. After our stunt at halftime he came walking down from the stands and towards me. I was completely confused (even mouthed to him “what are you doing?!”) and he just kept smiling got down on one knee and everyone in the crowd started cheering. With tears in his eyes he told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. I bawled like a baby and said yes. To end the night he took me to my first colts game at Lucas oil stadium, we had club seats and had a great time watching the colts defeat the Broncos. Best day of my entire life!

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