Alexsandra and Ian

How We Met

I remember us meeting the summer of 2011 while tailgating for a concert with mutual friends.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Brigantine, NJ on the beach

However, we grew up one town over from each other and our parents knew each other, so Ian remembers meeting me when we were about 12 years old. He says I probably don’t remember meeting him then because he thought I was pretty and was too shy to talk to me!

How They Asked

I met my fiance about seven and a half years ago tailgating a country concert with mutual friends. We quickly fell for each other and soon started dating. Summer has always been special to us since that’s our anniversary and the time of year for most of our favorite activities like going out on our boat, the beach, and other outside things. Our 7th anniversary was on July 27th, so the following night he took me to an amazing dinner in Atlantic City, NJ. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to go take a walk on the beach since it was a beautiful night, and of course, I agreed.

Alexsandra and Ian's Engagement in Brigantine, NJ on the beach

He was lagging behind me on the beach but I thought nothing of it until I turned around and he was down on one knee in the sand. He proposed with a ring that has the diamond from my great grandmother’s wedding ring! He asked me to be his wife at one of my favorite places under a gorgeous sunset and it was perfect!