Alexis and Zack

Alexis and Zack's Engagement in Irongate Equestrian Center, New Albany, Ohio

How We Met

Zack and I met seven years ago in high-school, and became best friends instantly. Though we didn’t date in high school, we did everything together. It’s our favorite thing to look back at pictures of us at dances or graduation, and say “remember when…”. After graduation, he joined the Navy and I went away to school, and it wasn’t until Christmas break 2013 when we reconnected.

how they asked

Our best friends were getting married on New Years Eve 2016 in Columbus, OH. The ceremony was later, which allowed the reception to last until the ball dropped at midnight. The DJ put the countdown on a projector screen and the reception staff laid out tables full of New Year headbands, party hats, noisemakers, and champagne. I remember the bride coming up between Zack and I to ask if I could go upstairs (to the room we got ready in) and slip my heels back on so we could take a nice picture. I looked at the countdown (now at 5 minutes to), and as I was going to say, “but I’ll miss the ball drop”, Zack assured me it will be okay and he’d go with me.

I couldn’t help but complain about not getting a party hat or noisemaker, all the way up the steps. I got my heels back on and as I was heading for the stairs, Zack led me to the balcony overlooking our friends celebrating below. I was okay with watching it from there because, though we didn’t have champagne or party hats, we were together. I remember going to look up at him beside me but instead, he was on one knee asking to spend forever together.

Proposal Ideas Irongate Equestrian Center, New Albany, Ohio

“YES, OF COURSE!!” He even had the wedding photographer capture it all, which she did incredibly.

Zack yelled to our friends down below and they congratulated us with a group hug.

Happy New Year!!

Special Thanks

Crystal Jo