Alexis and Zach

How We Met

Our love story started in college when he lived in the dorm next to mine. We had a chalkboard on our door where he left his number and cute notes trying to get a date with me. He frequently came over for football games, regular games, and just to hang out with my roommates and I. We became best friends over the next year and a year later I decided to finally give him a chance.

How They Asked

Now 5 years after that we have traveled the world together and have officially started our lives with each other. We strive to be each other’s best person and I truly believe he is the better half of me.

Alexis and Zach's Engagement in Brooklyn, New York

Where to Propose in Brooklyn, New York

Our proposal happened in New York where we travel to every year to celebrate multiple special events. This time he surprised with engagement and Toby Keith Concert. It was an unforgettable day with an unforgettable person!

Special Thanks