Alexis and Trevor

How We Met

Alexis and I met in 2010 when I was just 18, and she was 15. I was teaching at a dance camp, and she was my “assistant” for the week. Immediately, her young and enthusiastic 15 year old self fell in love with me. Me on the other hand- I was not interested at all. It took 3 and a half years for us to hang out in person. I told her we couldn’t even hang out as friends until she was 18. Finally, when I was 21 and she was 18, we met for coffee. As we started hanging out, I noticed just how much see liked me. After all these years, she had been consistently pursuing me (respectively). Her pursuit and interest in me was something that was very attractive. Who doesn’t want to be liked?! Soon enough, I got to learn about this amazing woman and we started dating a few months later. After about 2 and a half years of dating I knew that I wanted to commit myself to her forever.

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how they asked

My boyfriend fooled me by telling me he was going out of town for a business trip, but little did I know he was staying in town to surprise me with a big proposal.

My best friends birthday had been the Sunday I thought he was coming home, so that morning I met up with her for breakfast & to have a girls day.

As we got in the car to venture out on our shopping adventures, she handed me a card & told me she had a little something for me. It felt silly to me because it wasn’t even my birthday.

The minute I opened the card & started reading, I realized the card wasn’t from her- it was from my boyfriend. He was explaining that I would be sent on a scavenger hunt for the day. I would go to locations throughout the day & collect roses & the last location would be with him. The scavenger hunt lead me around the city to collect roses from close friends & also my parents who were at significant spots where special // important to my boyfriend and I. The last rose I got from my parents told me that I had some time to freshen up before the evening, where I would get to meet him but was told it would be a ‘big night’.

As I showed up blindfolded to the last location, I was very unaware of where I was. My best friend, Melissa, had blindfolded me before we left my apartment & drove us there so I was clueless.

As I finally got situated on a chair, she took off the blindfold & told me to open my eyes. To my surprise, some students Trevor and I teach on a hip hop crew started dancing right before my eyes. Trevor had planned a whole dance routine to perform for me to the song ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake. They had a part & then Trevor made his way out to hand me my final rose & dance for me. It was so magical. Once he finished his solo part, he grabbed my hand & had me stand up.

There were friends and family there, I could feel it, but I wasn’t sure because I had watched everything sitting in a chair & they were all behind me.

The minute I stood up, Trevor started talking and before I knew it he was on one knee. The day was so magical & such a special memory.

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