Alexis and Trenton

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How We Met

He caught my eye right away! I got asked to do a photoshoot for the young adults in our city. I came in the morning and got all dressed up and ready because you always have to dress to impress and thank God I did! Just a little bit after a car pulls up and Trenton gets out of the car. Oh yeah, he was so cute and I was trying not to be all interested right away. So we took pics and the photographer says “okay now Alexis look at Trenton” my stomach had so many butterflies! We kept going about the photo shoot and gave each other little glances here and there.

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I found out after that he had asked about me. Of course, I did what any other girl would do and looked him up on Facebook and Instagram. We both went home for the summer. He’s from Kansas City, Missouri and I’m from Los Angeles. In the fall we came back to NorCal and couldn’t stay away from each other! I think we both knew we wanted to marry each other but kept dating and getting to know each other! 4 months later on December 21st, Trenton FINALLY asked me to be his girlfriend!!

how they asked

For a month and a half, Trenton has been messaging and talking to my family, buying plane tickets to fly everyone in, and planning the most perfect day. I was getting ready to go to LA and go with my brother to look at wedding venues. He drove me and my sister to Sacramento airport and kept driving to LA without me even knowing with his sister.

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The day came and we were looking at wedding venues for my brother and his fiancé and on our way home my brother first starts pretending something is happening to our car and pulls over and tightens the acres on the tires (to stall a little bit). He was finally done and saw “El Matador Beach” turns the car so fast and parks across the street because he wanted to stop and be “super romantic for his fiancé” so he says!

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So we’re walking down to the beach and the whole time I’m like “what’s so special about this place? Why did you bring her here” and after walking a bit further we turn behind a bush and all my family and he was behind it with balloons and a, “She Said Yes” banner. I didn’t realize what was going on for a few seconds. I was so confused and SO SURPRISED!

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His best friend kept pointing to the cliff and I turned around and the love of my life was walking toward me with a bouquet of flowers, took me back to the cliff and with the sunset and ocean behind us, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I SAID YES. The best surprise I could ever ask for. Even when I thought I could never be surprised!!

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