Alexis and TJ


How We Met

A good friend of mine wanted to go get Mexican food 4 years ago for dinner. On our way she said some of her cousins would be there and she couldn’t wait until I met them. When we sat down there was a gentleman sitting there named Tj, our eyes met and we instantly started to talk. After dinner, my friend texted me and said we needed to go out to dinner again next weekend. I got to sit next to Tj that next weekend and the conversation started to flow and the next thing we knew the restaurant was starting to close. We left the restaurant and my friend quickly told me her cousin Tj thought I was beautiful and he couldn’t wait until we all went out again.


After a few more group outings he gathered up the courage to ask for my number and the rest is history. I have never met a guy so selfless and hard working. We have special hobbies we only do together, one of them is Scuba diving. It’s a passion we share together and unique activities like Scuba diving keeps our relationship very exciting. We love adventure, traveling and being with our dog Copper, that we got a little after we started dating.

Where to Propose in Turner Field, Atlanta Georgia

I have always believe in love at first sight but never thought it would happen to me. I will never forget the first time I locked eyes with Tj because I instantly knew he was going to be in my life for a long time.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Turner Field, Atlanta Georgia


how they asked

My birthday is August 20th and we decided to go to Atlanta Georgia for a weekend getaway because we both have never been there. We had plans to go to the Georgia Aquarium, the zoo and most importantly an Atlanta Braves game. Tj has been a big Atlanta Braves baseball fan all of his life and his passion for the team quickly made me love them as well. Tj’s birthday is in September so I surprised him and bought really good seats to watch the game because it was his first time going to a game at the Braves home field. Even though I bought him tickets, little did I know he had a even bigger surprise for me. Tj kept saying he wanted to arrive to the game really early because he was so excited to see the stadium and wanted to spend as much time as we could there.

I was happy he was so excited to go so we got ready early and headed to the game. When we arrived he said we needed to go somewhere in the stadium to meet someone. I was confused but then he said he had arranged a small surprise tour for me for my birthday. We met the tour guide named Anna-Kate and she took us to all the behind the scenes areas and then she said we had an opportunity to take a picture on the field. We start walking out and I am taking pictures of the whole experience because I knew Tj would want to keep all memories. We get to the edge of the field and Anna-Kate says “okay guys, let’s pose for some pictures!”.


I quickly fix my hair, put my hand on my hip and start to smile. Tj has his arm around me and says “babe, I love you”, I say “I love you too!” As I’m still looking towards the camera smiling. I start to feel Tj pull away so I look at him and his eyes are watering up as he starts to get down on one knee. He says “babe, I know you have waited a long time for this moment and I am so in love with you, I really could not wait any longer. Would you make me the luckiest man in the world and spend the rest of our life by my side and become my wife?”.


I look down at his hand, shaking like a leaf and see this beautiful ring in a jewelry box.


My tears start flowing, time stopped around me and I just leaned down give him a kiss and say I would be the luckiest girl in the world to spend the rest of my life with you.



Once he stands up, he puts the ring on my finger and I hear people cheering and clapping in the stadium near us.


It was such a special and amazing experience I would never forget. People have always told me in special moments time will stand still. I never knew what that meant until it happened to me the moment Tj proposed.




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