Alexis and Terrance

How We Met

Terrance and I have known each other since we were kids. I sang in the choir and he played piano at our church. Because we have a six year age difference, he never noticed me in the choir. Fast forward, many years later I was living in Los Angeles and he contacted me through social media to say hello. We began communicating and have been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

This year we went to the Amalfi Coast to celebrate Terrance’s birthday. I planned the trip and I was so enthusiastic about going because the destination has been on my bucket list for years. On the day of the proposal, we decided to go spend the day in Positiano and Terrance told me he made reservations for dinner.

Alexis's Proposal in Amalfi Coast, Italy

He informed me that he wanted to head over early because the hotel (Hotel Capolagala) had beautiful views. We head over to the restaurant and I am blown away by their customer service and breathtaking views. I was so excited to celebrate his birthday (all of my friends and family know how much I love to celebrate birthdays).

As we are sitting down having a beverage, a man with a huge camera comes over and proceeds to say he was offering special pricing for photographs for the day and that he would love to take photos of us (note: Terrance booked this photographer weeks before the trip- this was all a part of the plan).

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Amalfi Coast, Italy

I was skeptical but participated because Terrance appeared very interested and it was HIS day. We finally go upstairs to Maxi Restaurant for dinner, and I notice the photographer coming up the stairs towards us. There wasn’t anyone in the restaurant and we had the most beautiful view of the sun setting. Terrance asked the waiter to take our video camera (which we had been using the entire trip to record our adventures) and record us for our series entitled “Dinner Chronicles”.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Amalfi Coast, Italy

As the waiter began recording us, I proceeded to say, “Happy Birthday Terrance!” with the biggest smile. He pauses and then responds, “yes, and how many birthdays have we spent together?” I paused and begin to gasp for air, because I realized OMG HE’S PROPOSING!!!!

I teared up and he teared up and he dropped down to one knee and said he wanted to spend the rest of his birthdays with me and will I marry him. Afterwards, he showed me a video he had put together with all my closest friends congratulating me on the engagement. Apparently EVERYONE knew, except me. ABSOLUTE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

Special Thanks

Mimmo de Nicolais
Louie Daniele
Hotel Capo La Gala