Alexis and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met in our very first Business class at Cal State university of Fullerton in California. He totally had the hots for me, but when I found out his age (18 at the time!) and I was 22, I was thinking he was way too young for me…he couldn’t even go to a bar yet! Throughout the next 4 years we stayed friends and always made sure we had classes together so we could papers and projects together. The flirtation continued and Stephen even helped me with my Sorority stuff so I knew he was still interested in me! Finally his 21st Birthday came and I offered to take him out with a few of his friends and some of my sorority sisters. Long story short and a few cocktails later we shared our first kiss on that night, dated for a little under a year before fully committing, and the rest is history! Our wedding is now on October 21st since my birthday is December 21st, his  birthday is September 21st, our first kiss was on his 21st Birthday on the 21st and we made it official on August 21st of 2009.

Palm Springs

how they asked

Stephen did an amazing proposal for me! I was woken up at 7am by concierge to let me know “today was a special day and that there was a note next to me.” Of course I was looking around because Stephen was no where to be found and I didn’t have my glasses on me so I didn’t see the note when I first woke up. I opened the letter and it told me that I have until 8:30am (1 and half hours0 to get all “pretty and bundled up” and meet him on the Grand Lawn of the Montage Resort for a “secret winter breakfast.” Of course I had an idea something was coming but the letter also said not to tell anyone or call any of my friends so I obeyed and got ready by myself (even though my mom was in the room next to me so tempting!) and listened to Love Song radio on Pandora. At about 10 minutes till, I opened my door to leave and there was an escort waiting to take me down to the Grand Lawn. Once down there, my escort informed me Stephen was waiting for me and to go around the corner. When I turned the corner, he had a trail of rose petals all the way to where he was which was a fire pit that overlooked Deer Valley with beautiful snow capped trees and mountains. Simply breathtaking! I ran to him in the snow I was so excited! Once I finally reached him, he had Amazed by Lone Star playing on his speakers and asked me to dance. After our dance, he told me how much of an adventure life has been with me and how he wants me in his life forever. He got down on one knee (both of us crying) and popped the question. The ring was beautiful and of course I said YES!! I asked him if my parents knew he was doing this and he pointed to a balcony across the lawn and my mom, stepdad, dad, stepmom, and little brother were all watching the whole thing from a distance! It was truly the perfect proposal and I could not have asked for anything more.
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Special Thanks

Trixie, Convention Services Manager
Montage Resort, Deer Valley, UT