Alexis and Sean

How We Met

Sean and I met in September of 2014, the day before the wedding of our good college friends. We were the only two singles in the wedding party, but how often does that work out? The day before the wedding, I met all the guys, and when Sean stood up to shake my hand I thought to myself, “wow, he’s really cute.” The rest of the night is a blur and the next day, Sean asked for my number and hopped a flight back to Colorado. Thinking I’d never hear from or see him again, I drove back home. He contacted me when he landed and we’ve spoken every day since then!

Image 1 of Alexis and Sean

We did over a year of long distance dating, trying to visit each other every month when we were able to. In March of 2016, I accepted a job in Colorado and made the long drive from Michigan to Colorado with Taz.

how they asked

Living together was easy and we had talked about spending our lives together, but in March of 2017, when I least expected it, Sean asked me to marry him. The engagement day was a great one! We went to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie and were hanging at home with the puppies (by this time, we had decided to adopt a 12-week old puppy and had her for a week). Sean is a high school baseball coach and told me he had to run up to the baseball field, which was nothing out of the ordinary for him. I asked if I had to go and he ever so sweetly replied, “but I like it when you go with me.” So, we packed up the pups and drove up to the field. He said that the speaker system was acting up and we should test it while we were there. He went up and put some music on, and me, having no idea what was going on, said to him, “the speakers sound fine to me.” He gave me a smile and laughed a little, and thinking back, I know why. He met me on the field and I heard Stand By Me start playing over the speakers (this song is significant in our relationship, but he had been playing it pretty frequently as of late, so I didn’t think it was anything out of the ordinary). I turned to watch our crazy dogs play, and he was standing behind me. I heard some movement and turned around to find him down on one knee. I immediately started crying, because it was completely unexpected, private and just the two of us and our pups! He said the sweetest words and asked me to marry him in a place that we spend so much time together. I’ve always loved him for his passion for coaching and baseball, and it was the perfect place to begin our new adventure, together.

Image 2 of Alexis and Sean