Alexis and Ryan

Alexis and Ryan's Engagement in Juneau, Alaska

How We Met

Crazy as it seems, Ryan and I meet 4 years ago at the classiest bar during our glory years in Tallahassee, good ole’ Bullwinkles. Looking back at that day now, I never would have thought the guy I met at the bar that night would soon to be my husband. For our first date, Ryan took me a restaurant called the Moose Caboose, where the nerves quickly settled and before we knew it neither one of us wanted the night to end. After a few more dates consisting of picnics, hiking providence canyon and exploring local parks we quickly became inseparable. Over the past few years, we both conquered nursing school, long-distance, moving cities and starting our careers. It truly has been a whirlwind, but an exciting one that is for sure! While it has not always been easy, it made us stronger. Ryan Rudd is not only my biggest supporter but also my best friend.

How They Asked

Ryan and I ventured across the united states to explore the last frontier, Alaska. Even though we have traveled all over the place together, Alaska was our first big trip just the two of us. While I had been dropping hints about engagement rings a good 6 months prior to the trip, I did not want to get my hopes up during the trip since we had both just recently started working. To my surprise, our next great adventure was about to begin! We ended up renting a Jeep and spent the day scenic driving through Juneau, Alaska.

Alexis's Proposal in Juneau, Alaska

We stopped for a few hours to hike the Mendenhall Glacier trail. Of course, us being slight rebels we went off the beaten path and found a secluded beach area that overlooked the Mendenhall Glacier and nugget waterfall! I had been setting up the tripod all over Alaska and did not think anything of it. Sure enough, before I knew it he was down on one knee!! It was such a magical day and we are both so excited about this whole new adventure together!