Alexis and Ricky

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How We Met

Ricky and I met in the cancer clinic over 2 years ago. He was there for one of his final check-ups (he was in remission for leukemia at the time). I was just a few months into getting treatment for neuroblastoma. He would come to visit me in the hospital and play games with me or bring his ukelele and sing to me. On tough days he would send me messages to make me laugh. We spent time out of the hospital together and became each other’s best friend.

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The more time we spent together the closer we became, we just had a connection that even other people saw. He left on an LDS mission in April of 2017. While he was gone we emailed every week and grew closer and closer. In December of 2017 he relapsed and was released early from his mission to come home for treatment. He was serving in Boston at the time so he was sent to a hospital in NY for treatment for a few weeks. I flew out to surprise him. We began officially dating during that trip and he proposed on February 24, 2018 (the 4 year anniversary of his cancer diagnosis). We are going to get married on September 15, 2018 (the 3 year anniversary of my cancer diagnosis). We want to turn what would have been the anniversary of the toughest days of our lives into the best days of our lives. Cancer took a lot from both of us, but in the end it gave us each other.

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how they asked

On Feb 24, 2014, Ricky was diagnosed with leukemia. Ricky and Alexis “Lexi” met at the hospital while Ricky was getting treated and Lexi who was a volunteer after her battle with cancer. They have an instant connection and fell in love with each other. Together, they are so loving, caring, silly, and overall bring out the best out of each other. Four years later, on Feb 24, 2018, Ricky decided to propose to Lexi.

Ricky knew that he wanted to propose to Lexi but didn’t know how. A “photo shoot” opportunity came up and he thought it was the perfect time. She had no idea. Down on one knee, Ricky asked Lexi to be his wife and she said YES!

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