Alexis and Nicolas

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How We Met

6 years ago, on a typical Good Friday, we met for the first time. One of my close friends was trying to hook me up with her boyfriend’s cousin. That day we went out here in Miami and realized that most places were closed because of the Good Friday holiday. So, we ended up going back to my friends house to hang out outside by her lake and drink some beers. Our friends decided to leave us alone towards the end of the night around 4 A.M. Me and Nicolas were laying on the trampoline playing some games on our phone while talking and all of a sudden I hear snoring…. Yep, you guessed it! HE FELL ASLEEP. All of our friends had been watching from a window and saw me try to sneak off the trampoline so I wouldn’t wake him. He asked me for my number that night, after waking up and feeling like he ruined the whole night. From that night on we had been talking for months, but I wasn’t always easy when it came to hanging out with Nick. I kept avoiding to hangout again and always came up with excuses but, my heart wanted to talk to him all the time.

He ended up asking me to go with him to his senior prom. Mind you, he asked me 5 DAYS BEFORE and I had to figure out a dress, shoes, hair, etc. We had fun at prom and ended up at Denny’s after because my father didn’t want me going to his after party in Key Largo. We talked, and hung out for a few more months until we officially started dating on July 22nd of 2012.

Nicolas has Crohn’s Disease and was always scared of bringing me along his journey and was embarrassed to talk to me about what he was constantly going through. Little did he know that I was the one God put in his life to help him overcome all these obstacles. The past 6 years we have been through numerous surgeries and hospital stays that varied from 1 week to 4 months. While being in hospital beds, Nicolas seemed to always care about if I was getting enough sleep, eating sufficiently, and always pushed me to go home and hang out with my friends. The last hospital stay lasted from October 2017-December 2017 and was one of the hardest things we had to go through as a couple. One day when I went home to get refreshed and take a break and when I got back to the hospital Nicolas was in the hospital bed asking me to reach him something that was in the drawer. It was a blue Tiffany’s box with an elephant shaped necklace that had “Never Forget” engraved on the back. He explained to me that this meant he would never forget everything I have done for him and he wanted me to wear this daily so I never never forgot how grateful he is. I always stayed by his side and always told him I’m never leaving. All of our hardships we have had to overcome, monthly hospital stays we’ve had to endure and typical things that every relationship must face has made our love grow to great depths. Our relationship has been nothing close to easy but loving each other always has.

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how they asked

Asking my dad: On Wednesday, June 27th, Nicolas wanted to take my dad shooting to go have some bonding time but on the way there he called and found out that Wednesdays are the only day of the week that the shooting range closes early… just his luck. So then he asks my dad if he can take him to have a beer since they’re already on the road. My dad responded with “I’m not really up for beer but hey if you want you can buy me an ice cream” So that’s exactly what happened. They had an ice cream date. That is when Nick asked my dad for his blessing and then this picture took place. This story will forever have a special place in my heart!!!

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I’ve always talked to my best friends, my mom and his mom about our future wedding and he would always tell me that we are all crazy, but little did I know he had been planning this for months. In March he told me he wanted to take a trip in July to California to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. We ended up booking for the beginning of July and stayed in San Francisco for 5 days. My friend from High school, Donna and her husband, currently live in California and they love to adventure so I was always contacting her to hang out so we can do some adventuring and photoshoots when we arrived since we are both photographers.

We arrived in San Francisco on Saturday June 30th around 11 AM. We explored the city for a little until Nicolas told me he made reservations for dinner to celebrate our anniversary while we were here. We went to the hotel to shower and he told me he was going to Trader Joe’s around the corner to buy some champagne and some snacks for our hike tomorrow. When he gets back his face was purple and he was out of breath!! When I asked him what happened he just made up this entire story on a mission he went on and how he never was able to get the champagne but later told me it was all a lie, he was just having an anxiety attack because he was nervous. Our plans were to meet up with Donna and her husband for the sunset at Marshall beach, which has a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful day in San Francisco until we got out of our Uber once we arrived to Marshall beach. The fog is a really big deal in San Francisco. Such a big deal they’ve named it “Karl the Fog”. Well… Karl ruined Nicolas idea of a perfect proposal by the beach with a view of the sunset and the Golden Gate Bridge.

So plan B… wait what was plan B? Nicolas didn’t have another plan and my suggestions were just to head to a brewery and have some beers. Donna, my friend from high school aka wedding photographer, told us we should check out this beautiful pier on the opposite side of the city with the view of the Oakland Bay Bridge. So we road with Donna and her husband to the pier and began walking down. I started getting a pretty good idea at what was happening. Donna and Marco tried to distract me and I caught on to what was going on.

They asked me to take some photos of them and then they would take some of us. When it was our turn to get our pictures taken I was freaking out. We walked a little bit down the pier and when Nicolas went to hug me I asked him what was going on. He then said “I never made reservations for dinner the reason we’re here today is for you” He began speaking…

“Alexis, I want you to know how much I love you. You mean the world to me. God put you in my life to fill the emptiness I had before I met you. You’re an angel. You are the strongest woman I know. I never thought I would get lucky enough to find someone like you on my first try. From falling asleep on the trampoline on you to loving you to the moon and back and now to never forgetting the amount of love we have for each other. Alexis, WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

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I SAID YESSSSSS. of course! Then Nicolas pulled out a Champagne bottle from his book bag with two glasses, so he really did get a champagne bottle at Trader Joe’s, he had just been hiding it really well!!!

Later we went back to the hotel and when we walked in there was music playing in the background, candles, roses in a heart shape and more champagne. He then told me the ring was engraved, it says “Never Forget” 7/22/12.

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At the end of the day everything turned out beyond perfect in my eyes and God was definitely present. The day Nicolas proposed happened to be the first day we kissed 6 years back!!! We then find out Donna took us to Pier 7 and 7 has always been our favorite number so we were in shocked!! Then…our flight back to Miami we were sitting on row 22 (our original anniversary is 7/22/12)…. The trip and the proposal couldn’t have gone any better!

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Special Thanks

Donna Irene Coheo
 | Photographer