Alexis and Nate

how we met

It was July 3rd 2015 and out with my friend and she asked if I wanted to go with her to her boyfriend’s friend’s party because they were lighting off fireworks. I was thinking we were going to pull up to someone’s house but it was actually a family restaurant right down the street from where I live. I had been there several times (best breakfast and burgers ever) but I hadn’t ever actually met Nate before. I still remember pulling up and seeing his Jeep (I love Jeeps) and as corny as it is I still remember he was wearing this orange T-shirt and I thought he was so cute, but the best part was at one point I heard his friend tell him to go talk to me which was really funny and flattering. We got to talking and he said they were going to a nearby off-roading park the next day and asked if I wanted to go. I had been there before as well and that is one of my favorite things to do so I showed up the next day not knowing anyone there and ended up having the best first date ever.

how they asked

For my dad’s 50th birthday he wanted to go out to Utah and hike at several different parks out there. Nate and I were all in because we love hiking (and I’m all about my dad of course). We had just spent the day driving from Bryce to Moab and stopped to get dinner. It was getting later but I said we should hurry up and go on the Dead Horse State Park Trail that night since we only had two nights there. It was a 5 mile hike and we got to this BEAUTIFUL over-look as the sun was setting. My dad is into photography so was taking pictures the whole time. I thought he was taking my picture so I kept posing. I could see Nate crouching down but he had just said his backpack was messed up so I ignored him when he said my name. I was wondering why the picture was taking so long, luckily my dad eventually told me to turn around and Nate was down on one knee. I was SO shocked and it the happiest day of my life. I later found out my dad had been in on it for months and actually flew the ring out with him and my mom so that I wouldn’t see it. Also, Nate later said that he wanted to propose at Dead Horse so was so nervous when I sprung it on him that night at dinner.

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