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How We Met

I met my best friend two weeks before Halloween. We live in a small town and met at a local bar (romantic, right?) However, after the first night we met, it became apparent to me that he was THE ONE. We hung out a few times and I knew more and more that he was perfect for me! After about another month I guess Mike finally realized I was okay too, and we officially started dating! Fast forward a year, falling in love, adopting the cutest most amazing chocolate lab, moving in together, and going on a month long road trip through 7 states, where we lived out of a truck bed he built, we were ready for marriage! (If you ever want a test of knowing if someone’s the right one for you, sleep in the back of a un-airconditioned truck for a month…you’ll get to know each other in ways you didn’t know possible…and it will also be the best time you’ve ever have!) We had talked about marriage a lot, but I never knew when he would ask me.

how they asked

I was ready, but there were little things that would come up that would make him say “Maybe a little longer” (turns out that was just to throw me off the fact that he had proposal plans in place!) Mike asked me to marry him on November 6, 2016! (A Minnesota Vikings Game!!) I had wanted to go to a Vikings/Lions game because Mike had never been to an NFL game before, and these were our favorite teams! I had NO Idea he was going to ask me while we were at the game. We had talked about getting married plenty of times, but there were so many things in our lives that were going on right before the game, and we were so busy that this seemed like one of those “maybe a little longer” moments. The plans we had were just to go on a short weekend trip with two of our friends. We got to Minneapolis Friday night. We went to eat, hung around at the hotel, and explored the city! (Nothing out of the ordinary) The day of the game everything was still completely normal. Mike wasn’t acting differently at all, and we were just all excited to go to the new stadium. I was so lost in how amazing the new Vikings tailgate, stadium, and field was I wasn’t thinking about much besides the upcoming game!

Also, Mike was still acting completely normal even though he knew what he was about to do and had the ring in his pocket. (Which you couldn’t see it at all, so once again I had no idea he would be asking me) During the game we were surrounded by the coolest people! Everyone was really accepting of Mike sporting his Detroit Lions jersey, even though everyone around him was a Vikings fan like me! We were all having fun, making fun of him for liking the opposite team, and were enjoying the great game! At the 2 minute warning, Mike popped up and said: “let’s go take a picture.” This was a little strange because he doesn’t like pictures, and when I tried talking him into waiting till halftime he said, “no, let’s go now.” Even though this was a little out of character I figured he just had one too many beers, or his mom wanted a picture. We took a picture on a platform with a great view of the stadium behind us. The picture (which turned out to be a video) was an excuse for him to bring me to a place where he could get down on one knee and ask me to be his wife!

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I had my arm around him and was smiling at the camera when all the sudden cheering erupted! I was so confused and turned to see if the game had already started, but instead, I saw Mike on one knee holding the most amazing ring that was so perfect for me! At that moment I started shaking uncontrollably as he asked me to be his wife. All I could come up with was “are you sure???!?!?!” and he said, “is that a yes???” I, of course, screamed “YES!” Everyone around us began cheering!

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I was shaking so bad Mike had to practically hold me up as we walked back to our seats! The Vikings ended up losing, but nothing could bring me down after my best friend asked me to marry him!! Mike had dinner reservations at a delicious Brazilian steakhouse after the game, and when we saw people who were also at the game, it turns out they had seen the proposal and were full of congratulations. My family, his family, and some friends knew before the game so when I called my parents there was not much surprise, but there was a lot of excitement!. (He had asked permission from my Dad to ask me weeks before the game…He really thought of everything! So, our families were just waiting for us to call and tell them the good news!) It was so awesome!! This was definitely the best weekend of my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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