Alexis and Michael

How We Met

I worked at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. throughout college and I always noticed a super cute bartender. Every time he talked to me, I would get super nervous and just kind of walk away. I talked to him so little that I thought his name was Steven. His name was actually Michael. One day, I opened up my Facebook messages and I almost had a panic attack because there was a message from him. From there, we exchanged numbers and everything just came easy. We worked together for a few more years, traveled the world and even moved in together.

How They Asked

Michael and I were trying to plan something for his birthday. He mentioned that a family dinner at a nice restaurant in Los Angeles would be super fun. We invited everyone and started planning. A few days later, our apartment complex sent me an e-mail saying that they were throwing a rooftop party to celebrate the first day of spring. There would be complimentary drinks and a photographer to capture some great shots of the sunset. I had been DYING to go up on the roof since we got the keys. I knew there was a helicopter pad and most likely, some amazing views since it was a high-rise building. The complex never let residents up there, so I thought: THIS IS OUR CHANCE! The only thing was that it was the same day as Michael’s birthday dinner. Together, we decided we would dress up super nice, go up on the roof for a little bit and then head out to dinner. I was so excited.

Alexis's Proposal in On a helicopter pad in downtown Los Angeles

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On a helicopter pad in downtown Los Angeles

The day came and we got all fancy together. We met an employee on the lobby floor because the E-mail specified that he had to let us up top. The whole elevator ride he talked about how a few people were up here already and how everyone was really excited about this event. We exit the elevator and he guides us to a staircase. Michael and I walk up and I finally see the helicopter pad… but no people. There was no party. Michael had faked the whole thing. He had the apartment send me a fake E-mail and all of the employees were in on it. He took my hand and said, “Well if you haven’t figured out by now…” and I immediately started crying. But there was more. Two photographers were hidden and capturing the entire moment.

Michael got down on one knee and I said YES!!!!

Special Thanks

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