Alexis and Liam

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At his parents house

How We Met

On August 16th, 2017, I was backpacking through Europe with a good friend. Our journey had brought us to Vienna, Austria. When we tried to check in to our hostel that morning we were told we’d have to wait and were directed to a free walking tour to kill time while we waited. Little did I know my future husband and his friends would be attempting to check out early and would also be directed towards the walking tour. Liam and I hit it off immediately, and as his train didn’t leave until later that night he and his friends stayed and hung out with us as long as they could. I’d asked Liam to meet me in Scotland the next week, which he did.

Proposal Ideas At his parents house

After a day in Scotland together we sat down to dinner and he told me he would be spending a year traveling Australia starting in December, and he would like me to join him. I said yes without hesitation, and a couple days later he returned home to London and I went home to Texas. Flash forward a few weeks, and Liam is on a flight to Dallas, Texas to meet my family and ease their minds a bit about the trip. They loved him immediately, and we booked my flights to Australia before he went back home. Our first year together was spent working on farms, in bars, living out of our car at times and showering on beaches, hiking, traveling an incredible country whose beauty never ceased to remind us of our good fortune.

How They Asked

Liam and I are crazy about Christmas time, and we were thrilled to be spending the holidays with his parents in the UK this year. He had given me a hint about the gifts I’d get from him, saying there were three categories; past, present, and future. Christmas morning came and with the gifts labeled “future” was a tiny box. This, of course, turned out to be a (beautiful) necklace, which he later admitted he’d hoped would throw me off.

A few hours passed and the house filled with Liam’s family. My mom called asking if we could FaceTime in a bit as she was missing me a lot this Christmas, and when I got off the phone Liam’s mom suggested connecting FaceTime to the tv so the whole family could say Merry Christmas.

Well, we got them all on the tv, and as soon as we did Liam’s mom came over and took the phone from me to hold it with Liam and me in the frame. I looked around and saw that everyone was standing around us, and Liam stepped forward saying he had one more gift for me, and this one was labeled “Forever.”. Inside was a card he had bought 7 months earlier and a beautiful note (which he had originally planned to speak, but he realized leading up to it that he should write it down as he knew he wouldn’t be able to talk) and a Polaroid photo of him holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?”. I burst into tears with him down on one knee and said yes. To this day I still can’t believe we have the incredible story that we do, and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with him.