Alexis and Kyle

Alexis and Kyle's Engagement in Disneyland

How We Met

Kyle and I met freshman year of high school but didn’t start dating until sophomore year. We had a lot of the same classes together and became very close as time passed. We finally started dating on 11-11-11. Our relationship continued to grow all through high school. Our senior year Kyle was offered an appointment to the US Merchant Marine Academy in New York. This presented a little bit of a problem because I was staying here in New Mexico for college. We both knew it was going to be hard but our relationship grew stronger with distance. This continued on for 4 years with little visits here and there and the occasional academy ball. Kyle finally graduated in 2018 and moved back home to New Mexico with me but his line of work still forces us to be apart for the majority of the year. Even though the distance is hard it is completely worth it!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Disneyland

How They Asked

Kyle proposed to me on February 5, 2019 at Disneyland in California in front of family and friends. The morning of the proposal was cold and rainy and we had to wear thick coats to the park. We rode several rides together but lines went quickly because most people had been deterred by the rain. While walking to the other side of the park a Disney employee stopped me and handed me a scroll and a rose and said “ Congratulations you have been chosen to complete a Disney Adventure, please read the instructions and follow the clues to reveal your prize”. I right away knew something very special was going to happen that day. The clue on the scroll directed us to the Walt Disney statue in the center of the park. When we arrived there was a second scroll, a rose and blindfolds at the foot of the statue. I was so excited I couldn’t even read the second scroll so Kyle pretty much took over and played along with the adventure.

It directed us to find a store on Disneyland Main Street, stand in front of it blindfolded, and await our third clue. We did as the scroll requested and the next thing I know Kyle is down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in the world asking me to marry him. My parents and cousins had also flown in from New Mexico to surprise me on this big day. Disney really is the happiest place on Earth!