Alexis and Kyle

How They Met

Kyle and Alexis met on the dating app, Bumble (which has worked WONDERS for so many of our clients!!). They went on their first date to get drinks at the Boathouse at Disney Springs. The pair chatted and had a wonderful time, but Alexis didn’t think he was interested… until he walked her to her car. They stayed next to her car talking for another 30 minutes. She immediately started to feel deeply for him. Two weeks later, Alexis knew she loved him and Kyle was her guy. Kyle felt the same way and told her he loved her.

Kyle said that he felt Alexis had always been a part of his life in some way. They both love trying new things and experiences, but they love just each other’s company. Alexis and Kyle balance each other out in many ways. Alexis has exposed Kyle to her world and Kyle has exposed her to his. Kyle said he rarely meets another person who cares about others as much as Alexis. He knew she was the one when he felt like she was a part of his family. Kyle couldn’t envision his life without Alexis and knew it was time to propose.

How They Asked

Kyle left Alexis a series of cryptic clues that culminated in an address and password of where she needed to go. He pretended like he didn’t know who was sending her the stuff (in a pretty obvious way), so they went together to what turned out to be Hanson’s Shoe Repair in Downtown Orlando. It is one of Alexis’s favorite spots in the city. While she was in the restroom, Kyle brought out a rubber duck that he had purchased from the Boathouse. He told her how much their relationship meant to him and how he wanted to spend his life with her. On December 20, 2019, Kyle got down on one knee and she said yes! They spent the rest of the evening grabbing Lazy Moon Pizza and watching the Mandalorian at home.



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