Alexis and JR

Alexis's Proposal in Huntington Dog Beach

How We Met

We both had a mutual friend who decided to bring him to my church during our weekly Friday night bible studies. We became close friends for 2 years, and then I started dating him after that! So you could say God was our wingman!

How They Asked

It was our 5 year anniversary, and all we decided to do was eat dinner. I was so stoked to try out this steak house in Beverly Hills that day. We got our nails done (JR’s first time getting a mani/Pedi), got ready, and went for dinner. I was pretty tired that day, so I slept during our car ride. Next thing you know, I wake up and we’re in Huntington! I was a little upset since we weren’t going to get steak anymore, but the place we had dinner wasn’t too bad either since we had a beach view. After dinner, he said he wanted to catch the sunset at the dog beach (which we usually go with our dog). I gave him a little sass because all this time we could’ve brought our dog with us. At this point, I noticed he was starting to walk faster to the beach, but his excuse was that he didn’t want to miss the sunset.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Huntington Dog Beach

Proposal Ideas Huntington Dog Beach

So once we got on the beach, I noticed a familiar pillow from far away, and I thought to myself “no way that’s my pillow”. As we got closer and closer to where my pillow was, there was a beautiful picnic set up for us. At this point, I had a hunch of what was going to happen. But since our first date was also a surprise picnic, I didn’t let my mind assume. We sat down, and then he opened up the picnic basket.

He told me 3 things he loved about me. On the third point, my dog comes out of nowhere with a little backpack. JR then pulls out the ring, and musters up the words in the midst of all the emotions, and asks the notorious question!

Our Video

Special Thanks

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 | Videographer
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 | Planning
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 | Photographer