Alexis and Josh


How We Met

Josh and I met 3 years ago at the Minnesota State Fair. It was the first day my roommate and I had just moved into our new place downtown. (A little background – My roommate and I were set up to live together through a mutual friend so we didn’t actually know each others friends/boyfriends/backgrounds… nothing. It was the first night of us actually hanging out as roommates!). She begged me to join her that night at the State Fair (after I had already been there that morning!) so you can imagine the amount of begging she did. On our way to the state fair she let me know that it wasn’t just the two of us but we were meeting up with her boyfriend and his best friend. Little did I know, I was meeting my soon to be husband! I was so beyond nervous the second I met him. I could barely even hold a conversation. He was handsome, charming and the best part, he was a family man. When we met up with him, he was actually with his family. I instantly fell in love with his family and instantly fell in love with his him. The butterflies I got that night, I can’t even explain. We danced the night away, drank good ol’ state fair beer and laughed until our cheeks hurt!


Above are photos that Janelle Sutton (Janelle Elise Photography) took of us during a “fake engagement shoot” while doing a workshop called “Pursue your passion”. These are photos I will treasure forever and ever!!

how they asked

I’m the girl who likes to know everything going on. I hate surprises because I hate not knowing what’s going to happen so if Josh was going to pull off a surprise engagement, it was going to take A LOT for me not to know. Since I have known Janelle Sutton (over 8 years), my dream has been for her to capture the moment the man of my dreams gets down on a knee!

When Josh and I started to briefly talk about getting engaged, I told him my dream engagement. Did I think this was ever going to happen? No way.  He had slipped a couple weeks ago saying he was going to propose when we went to Florida with all of my family. (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, I knew when it was going to happen!)


Janelle just happened to come into town one random weekend and I asked her if she would just capture a couple photos of Josh, myself and our dog. I was BEYOND thrilled when she said she was. If you could have seen me the days leading up to it, I was in tears of excitement! I still didn’t even think that Josh would consider proposing at this time because he had told me earlier that day he had to ask my dads permission and was waiting until we go to Florida to ask him. (Little did I know, earlier that day… he was on Face Time with my dad asking for his permission.)


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The night started with the most FUN pillow fight I have ever had in my entire life! We laughed until we cried!! We then decided to take some photos on a walk outside. While we were setting up some of the photos, Janelle told me to hold still for a second cause she wanted to get one of just me. But right behind me, Josh was getting on a knee showing Janelle the ring. (FYI Janelle didn’t even know what was just about to happen so BIG props for her for holding it together and catching this moment absolutely perfectly) Janelle told me to hold still and not move while she changed her lenses. Slowly she started circling me and slowly I started to turn as if I was taking a picture for her. Once I got full circle, the man of my dreams was on down on a knee asking me to marry him. This was the first time in my entire life I can say I was truly surprised beyond what words could explain. I was speechless. It was my dream proposal coming true.



I’m pretty sure it took him asking me a couple times for me to say yes because I was balling with tears of joy, happiness and excitement! I still can’t believe it happened. One of my good friends capturing it, the man of my dreams and a moment I will never ever forget. It was the most absolute perfect proposal I could have ever imagined.


I still can’t believe how amazing God is and how perfectly he has it all planned out. The timing of events from when my roommate and I started living together, to going to the start fair (after I absolutely didn’t want to), to finding the man of my dreams and having the greatest proposal ever. Everything happens for a reason!!



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Special Thanks

Janelle Sutton
Janelle Elise Photography