Alexis and John

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How We Met

We met in college through mutual friends. I’ve always had a thing for athletes and he just so happened to be on the football team. I’ll be honest the first time I ever saw John, he had long curly hair (like a girl) and I thought it was the most hideous thing I have ever seen. Fast forward a few months later – a friend was scrolling on Facebook and showed me that John got a haircut. I said “Wow, he actually looks good.” I secretly always had a crush on him and he will admit the same. A friend of mine was hanging out with his friend – we met them out, went on a late night Waffle House date and the rest is history.

how they asked

John asked me to go ring shopping a couple months back when we had a free weekend. (April I think!) I immediately turned red and started sweating but I was so excited! I know I’ve been wanting to spend forever with this man a year after dating him. He told me this summer would be one of the most exciting summers of our lives together. SO I knew it was coming I just had no idea when!

I never make a big deal out of my birthday! My first birthday I ever celebrated with John was a dinner with his parents. Their anniversary just so happens to be on my birthday – June 15th. My second birthday, John surprised me and took me to my favorite Mexican restaurant back in my home town. To my surprise my whole family was there to greet me.

I just graduated college and got my first big girl job. John and I recently bought a lot to build a house that will be done this December. He kept telling me not to get my hopes up and a proposal was just not something we could do anytime soon based on all of our upcoming expenses. So my excitement for a proposal was definitely put on hold!

We both work full-time and my birthday happened to fall on a Wednesday this year. (I just turned 22) My ideal birthday idea was to go on a date night with just the two of us. John told me that he would prefer to have dinner with his brother Joel, Joel’s girlfriend Rachel, and his parents. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary! That Monday, John texted me and told me he made reservations at a surprise restaurant. Said the reservations were for 6:00pm because the restaurant was having a business event later in the night. I was mad because I wouldn’t have time to get my daily workout in! I’m really not big on surprises so my nosey self had to guess where we were going. He also said his family was joining. Not to get my wrong – I LOVE them! Just wanted to be a little selfish :)

Side note: His brother’s girlfriend, Rachel, had been begging me for a girl’s day to go shopping and get our nails done. This was a normal thing Rachel asked me so nothing seemed fishy to me. The weekend before my birthday she treated me to my nails and we went shopping. She kept telling me to try things on but my lazy self hates trying things on.

It’s Tuesday night, the night before my birthday! John is a CPA and had told me that he was going to a client the next day and needed to wear a suit & tie. He asked me to pick out his tie. I picked a blue one because it matched my OPI color.

Rachel planned to come get ready with me after work. John and I don’t communicate much throughout the day and I didn’t hear from him all day that day. I went home to get ready (put on my brand new romper) (John also gave me money because he said every pretty girl needs a new outfit for their birthday). Rachel arrived and then I received a text from John. Something along the lines of I got tied up at the office and Rachel will be taking you to dinner.

I get in the car with Rachel thinking I’m heading to the “surprise” restaurant. She hands me a birthday card from her and two note cards fall out. (John writes all of his to-dos on his note cards and throws them away when a task is completed). The first notecard explained a scavenger hunt.

“Lil Pig, I wanted to make this birthday extra special. I’ve organized a scavenger hunt – I hope you enjoy it! Use the clues to figure out where to go next. I’ll see you later! Love, John.”

The second was my first clue. “Stop #1: I hope to share a few (or more) birthdays with you here. And always remember I love you A LOT.” So at this point my heart is racing. I text my mom and tell her John is being sketch.

I’m super hungry at this point. Rachel starts heading towards the lot that John and I just purchased. I continue to ask her questions and she just tells me to go with the flow. (No idea this is a proposal but crazy things are running through my head)

I arrive. Looking for John’s Tahoe. No luck! I am greeted by two finely dressed men (John’s brother Joel and one of our best friends Blaine) They give me a rose and another card. In the card is Kanye West tickets for four. Thinking to myself if he spent $500 there is no way I am getting proposed to today. I ask them if they are going to the restaurant and they just stand there smiling awkwardly. The next notecard reads:

“Stop #2: Good guess! I hope you like your gift! Regroup & come up with a plan to stay looking like a stone cold FOX.”

Our gym is called “Foxy’s” – so me and Rachel head to Foxy’s! John and I are gym partners, we have been ever since we started dating – that’s just our thing.

We arrive at Foxy’s. I thought I saw John’s Tahoe and I got so mad. Thinking he worked out without me. I also felt silly that my gym buddies would see me dressed up because they never do. I walk in and am greeted by our friend Earin who is the manager there. Everyone is staring at me at this point. She hands me a card and a rose – a sephora bag and a box of chocolates.

Next clue was a card that a few of the regular gym goers at Foxy’s signed. The card read:

“What combo you PIGin.” If you know me and John our favorite late night snack is Raising Canes! We usually sneak off to the nearest one and have a late night date night! (side note we call each other pig, lil pig, piglet etc. – it’s just our thing)

So Rachel brings me to the Canes that we usually sneak off to at night. I am greeted by my high school best friend of like forever, Mandy and one of John’s closest coworkers, Frank. I’ve been wanting to see Mandy for weeks and was so shocked to see her! They hand me a card and a gift bag from Anthropology (where all of the birthday cards were from today). The bag has a table piece to put in our new home and the card reads:

“Stop #4: I hope you enjoyed your birthday surprises so far. You are surrounded by so much love. Meet me at your favorite hibachi restaurant in BR that you’ve never been to. See you soon!”

I said does Tsunami have hibachi?! So we start heading to downtown Baton Rouge near the river. (I love that view)

I honestly have zero idea at this point – even looked at Rachel and said “If this is my birthday, I couldn’t imagine a proposal.”

We walk towards Tsunami. I see John standing with his back the other way. I glance at the people sitting at the tables outside. I slowly walk towards John as he turns around and I can tell he is so nervous. (Still hasn’t hit me) He starts talking to me and I kind of go numb. He shared words with me about how we are the perfect team and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. At this point I know what’s going on and I just keep shaking my head in disbelief.

He starts shuffling in his jacket pocket, takes my sunglasses off, puts my purse on the ground and grabs my hands.

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He starts to kneel on his knee, pulls out my dream ring and asks me to marry him and of course I said YES!!!

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Our best friend Blaine is snapping pictures on his camera the whole time. I hear cheering and he tells me to look up at the rooftop. Our closest friends and family are cheering and screaming. We go up the elevator and I see my mom and immediately start crying. I was so overwhelmed.

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Truly one of the best days of my life! John is without a doubt the man of my dreams and my absolute best friend!

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He could not have done any better!