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How We Met

November 11, 2007, I was out with some friends at Pacha Nightclub, we were having an epic night, as usual, dancing all night until our feet hurt, losing our friends in the club and having to go around and look for everyone in different corners to gather up the crew to head back home. Well, that’s what my girlfriend and I were doing until the DJ started playing Bachata and I stepped back on the dance floor for one last dance. Then this tall handsome guy offered his hand to me, asking for a dance.

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Of course, I took his hand, he was tall, handsome and seemed like everything I was attracted to. After dancing a few songs it was officially the end of the night, we exchanged contact info including cell phone numbers, AIM screen names on our Sidekicks, NexTel chirp numbers, and according to him I even gave him my email address. Well, I guess I already knew I definitely wanted to get to know this guy from the club. This picture is that day and that first dance.

how they asked

Fast forward 11 years later, through my college years, his army deployments and after a very long history, making for a perfect imperfectly love story. He originally was going to propose on the day of our 11th anniversary from the day we met, 11/11/07, but according to him I started to catch on so he threw me a curve ball. A few months back there was a make-up event at the restaurant he works at in NYC. So he told me they were having a similar event the day before our anniversary and this time is was at the club in the basement of the restaurant he works for and he got me a ticket. I asked if I could bring someone along , but he tells me he has to ask because the tickets are limited and the event is by invite only. After making a big fuss about me going to some private event alone and having some “social anxiety” he tells me he was able to get another ticket, so I invited my one of my girlfriends. Great! Make up party here we come! So the day comes and for some reason I am so nervous all day with a weird unsettled feeling in my stomach.

I start getting dressed, super nervous, I apply my makeup as best as I could (because after all, its a make up party and I would hate for my makeup to look horrible!) and in a hurry I make it to the restaurant on time. At this point, I’m forgetting all about my jitters, I was just excited to make it on time and meet up with my good girlfriend and have a little fun. I also didn’t want to disappoint myself assuming it was the big moment and it turns out not to be! So we walk in , the restaurant is closed, but I tell the host ” I’m chef Joel’s lady and we are here for some make up event thing”, he responds ” Oh great! It’s in the basement” So he asks if we want to check in our coats (to a fake coat-check which I was totally oblivious about) and my girlfriend insists I give the man my coat and not carry it around all night, so fine! I gave in and we enter the elevator. At that point, my girlfriend leads me down to the basement ( while pretending we may be lost) and into Lounge where it was dimly lit and Ed Sheeran’ Thinking out loud is playing. I walked into him standing there waiting for me, in his chef’s uniform, with rose petals and a bunch of candles lit, with my closest family and friends all scattered around the lounge with cellphones in hand. The day had finally come. He asked me to be his happily ever after.

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