Alexis and Greg

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How We Met

Greg and I started out as friends. It’s your typical high school sweetheart story where 2 people who never think they want to be with the other person falls madly in love with them. We were on the same bus and sat across from each other for the longest time. It was approaching Christmas break when Greg wanted to hang out. I rejected him and my mom told me I needed to give “the poor boy” a chance. So, I did and here we are 7.5 years later!

How They Asked

My sister and I had planned a sister trip to Disney World back in January. When the time came for our trip, I said goodbye to my (at the time) boyfriend and told him I’d see him in a week. Little did I know, he’d be flying down to propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle just a few days after that! It was Saturday morning and my sister and I headed to Magic Kingdom bright and early to be there for rope drop. After getting into the park, we went straight to “Peter Pans Flight” and “It’s a Small World” to get those rides checked off of our list for the day. After that, my sister told me that she placed a “mobile order” for Starbucks, which is located at the front of the park.

I was disappointed because she didn’t order me what I wanted and I asked her if she could edit it. She kinda ignored me. So, we head back to the front of the park and walk down the path that is in front of Cinderella’s Castle. She tells me to look to my right and I see Greg standing there in the middle holding a single rose. (Ever since 8 Valentine’s Days ago when Greg gave me a single rose in high school, and I thought he was doing it as a prank so I didn’t take it, he gives me a single rose every Valentines and I always accept it!).

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I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend was here at Magic Kingdom with a single rose waiting for ME! I walked to him and he told me alllllll the sweet stuff and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and to be his princess forever. Of course, I said yes, without any hesitation! Thanks to my parents who were also there, they hired a photographer to capture the special moment and take us on a little engagement shoot around the park. Best day of my life!

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Special Thanks

Kelly and Courtney Canova
 | Photographer