Alexis and Grant

How We Met

Grant and I met at a country music festival that I wasn’t even supposed to be at. It was a Friday-Sunday event, and on Sunday morning a friend of my mom’s asked if someone wanted a free ticket to the event. I ended up being able to get a shift covered to leave work early to attend!

Image 1 of Alexis and Grant

Grant was in a group that I ended up hanging out with and we talked throughout the entire day. We spent the rest of our night talking about anything & everything. He asked me on our first date the day after, and then invited me on our second date the day after that. He is a firefighter so that night at his station he asked me to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history.

Image 2 of Alexis and Grant

how they asked

Grant got us disney tickets for Christmas and I was so excited to go. I hadn’t been to Magic Kingdom since I was a child and I couldn’t wait to go back. He took this as a chance to plan my dream proposal. I’ve always been vocal about wanting someone to photograph that special moment, so he got the help of a mutual friend to meet us at disney and follow us around to capture that moment.

Image 3 of Alexis and Grant

We had just arrived at Magic Kingdom and walked straight to Cinderella’s castle. There was a show going on and I was so focused on that instead of the nervous behavior from him. He kept on looking around and he told me that he was just uninterested in the show and checking everything out. I thought nothing of that and simply enjoyed the show. I felt a tug on my hand and turned around to see the man of my dreams on one knee.

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Seeing the love of my life with a ring in hand, the entire world paused around me. I didn’t exactly hear what he said and was so overwhelmed I never answered him! The only thing I managed to do was cry and lean down to hug him. The first thing I had were the people around us starting to clap and I looked at him and finally said yes of course! It was the best moment of my life. When the ring was on my hand and I was able to take a breath, he pointed to our friend with a camera in her hand. He had arranged for her to stick with us for a couple of hours to take as many pictures as we desired. It was such a magical day.

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