Alexis and Geoffrey

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How We Met

Where we met: Florida Gulf Coast University AKA Dunk City !!!

It was the start of my sophomore year ringing in the new school year of 2010, which means a week of parties. I got myself made up and was ready to take on the night’s adventures. It would be just a typical Friday night meeting up with friends. With my best girlfriends, after a few drinks, laughs, and catching up with the old pals I decided to go to the next party, which was right next-door. I bumped into another old friend, Kyle. But my eyes were drawn to the stranger he conversed with at the moment. I greeted Kyle and gave him a big hug while I waited to be introduced to the cute guy looking at me. Kyle revealed that this was his big brother, Geoffrey. Now the cute face came with a name. Geoffrey. Nerves took over too quickly, butterflies swarming so I just said HI and kept walking towards the other party.

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The party was coming to an end as they ran out of beer. I was saying my goodbyes and as I am walking out the door I bumped into Geoffrey. He questioned me about why I was leaving so quickly; I told him that it was getting late. He then said, “hopefully I will see you again soon”. I flirtatiously gave him my number and then said maybe we can make that happen. We started texting for weeks, which turned into a concert date. Geoffrey surprised me with Blink-182 tickets. At the concert, those butterflies remained, and they made me so nervous. We did have four-year age gap and I was under the age of 21. As quickly as these thoughts came, they left and we had a great time.

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Three years came and went, an on and off relationship that ran like wildfire. It was my senior year so a trip abroad was a must. I was going to Italy the first half of the trip was with friends and the second half Geoffrey was joining me. Nerves stayed with me the entire trip, as I knew after this trip everything was going to change. I was moving out of state for a new job and had to make a discussion if Geoffrey was coming with me.

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I made the decision to go alone, to spread my wings and see just what adulthood meant. I didn’t know if the love was true or just my first. I needed to know for sure. Fairytales are for books, not reality. So I packed my bags and went to New Orleans Louisiana two years of friendship made the decision difficult after Italy, but I needed to do this for myself. Two years and no one compared to Geoffrey. No one replaced my best friend. I called him, made a deal. We would take another trip together to see if we still had the spark. We both hoped the fantasy of our whirlwind romance was more than just a story. Geoffrey moved to New Orleans right after the trip. Two more years and one rescue dog later, I realized my prince was disguised as my friend. Our love was one of those rare things you only find in books. But it was real and right in front of me. All along, from a bump of a stranger, we were destined to be.

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how they asked

Fast-forward to 2017 being a New Orleans couple, Mardi Gras became a special bonding time to let loose and be happy. The Muses parade was one of my favorites. Their prized catch is a highly decorated heel. 2017 was the year we made the sign saying I need a shoe to say “I Do”. They succeeded by the third float, so no more stressing. I planned on this to be an annual family event, the catching of the shoes. Just a Cuban family diving into New Orleans culture.

Glitzy clothes and decorations came on for 2018 for the whole crew, despite some hesitations about the number of people attending. Another sign was made for Geoffrey to hold saying he needed a shoe to pop the question. Everyone returned to the special spot where they caught the previous year. I knew it was going to be hot again. Neighboring attendees thought the sign was adorable and wanted to help. I explained to them it was just a joke to get more shoes. No proposing would be really going on.

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As the antics started, the jumping and screaming and sign waving, no shoes fell into their hands. Not one. I felt abandoned by fate. I wanted just one for my collection. I caught one every year living in New Orleans. I Just wanted one. I felt abandoned by my boyfriend too, as Geoffrey left to get another drink and was not super into the dancing around to get a prize. Geoffrey went to a different part of the parade where my brother was, hoping to have more luck there. Then all of a sudden my sister screams that he caught a shoe! Geoffrey caught a shoe! I ran as quickly as she could to him and happily danced around with my prize. No need to feel abandoned or disappointed. Everything would be okay with my precious shoe in hand. Geoffrey told me to look this one is special. I looked at the beautiful white heel with a question written on it – will you marry me? As I read it, I looked at Geoffrey and he is getting down on one knee. With a light up ring box, he opens it up and asked me will you marry me? I was in shock and stunned I said yes.

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And everyone cheered. It was really happening. My best friend proposed in front of her closest family and friends. At my favorite parade, with her favorite catch. It was then I realized that not only had I found my prince, but I found the man that would treat me like a queen. Fairy tales do exist in real life because Geoffrey and I are living one.

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