Alexis and Garrett

Alexis and Garrett's Engagement in Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

How We Met

We met when I was in third grade. He was in second grade. It was his first day at my school because he had just moved to the area earlier that year. He was super smart and had to come to my third-grade classroom for math every day. I was priorly the best one in math so he made me just a little frustrated with how quickly he stole my thunder. He beat me at my own games.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Main Street USA, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

After many years of being in math classes, playing soccer together, being in musicals together, and attending enrichment classes together, we became an item. He asked me to be his girlfriend on a trip to the drive-in movie theater with both of our families. We were there to watch Disney’s Brave, but instead, we talked the whole time. Under those stars, in the beautiful PA country, he asked me to be his girlfriend (June 22, 2012).

how they asked

After five and a half years of dating, we finally got to go on our first trip together. Fittingly, for us that is, it was with his family to Walt Disney World in Florida. As any girl would, I had daydreamed of my boyfriend finally popping the question in Disney World, but he had told me not to expect it to happen soon. He told me that he wasn’t ready with his finances and I accepted that answer, even if I still wanted to happen and maybe expected it just a tad. However, he convinced me. He told me many times that it was not realistic to believe that and I, of course, believed all of it. I mean come on, I love him! So we went to Disney.

On our second day there, we went to the Magic Kingdom. I love having pictures of us but he is a guy and hates getting pictures taken. I begged him prior to our trip to get at least one picture with me in Disney, in front of Cinderella’s Castle. So he obliged. In between our FastPass times for rides, we decided to walk down Main Street, USA to go through shops and get our picture. While we walked, I asked his parents if they could snap a pic for us, but they quickly and enthusiastically suggested that we get a professional to do the honors. So I waltzed up to one of the Disney photographers and asked if he could take our picture using my camera. He happily said yes and I handed him my Nikon and walked up to Garrett to get set for the picture.

As we got ready, his dad whispered into the photographer’s ear, “He’s gonna propose!” Photographer played it cool, just asked Garrett to fix his hat. He did. Then Garrett said to me, “Can I ask you a question?” At that moment, my brain rain millions of directions, but I simply said, “Yeah!” That is when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I quickly said yes. That moment, in front of the Castle, with his parents and so many others present, the world seemed to freeze. Time stopped and just hung there for a few moments as we embraced.