Alexis and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met when I was in the 7th grade. We grew up in the same town/city, attended the same school, and church. He was 2 grades above me and my sister’s good friend. I never thought of him as anything more than a close, family friend, until my sister threw her housewarming party in the summer of 2017. I attended and so did Eric. He began to hit on me and I still was like “dude… you’re like an older brother? You’ve been in my life for so long!” He told me later that night “I’m taking you to Vast for dinner one night!” I shrugged it off and thought this boy was all talk. 1 month later, Eric took me out for our first date night. We had my favorite, sushi! This is followed by laser tagging. How cool was this guy! I knew from that first date night, this was going to be a relationship that makes me or breaks me. A few dates later… Eric took me to Vast. He kept his word and I became his girlfriend that evening.

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How They Asked

Eric tricked me by telling me he was going to take me to an early Valentines’ Day dinner. I didn’t think much of it considering his 2 sisters’ and grandmother’s birthday all fall on or around Valentine’s Day. Our photographer friend, Calli, had messaged me earlier that week asking if Eric and I can do a photoshoot the same night as our date night. I originally said no, because I didn’t know how long dinner would be and I didn’t want to do pictures before. Eric kind of pressed on and said, “well you’ll already be dressed up…. let’s do the pictures for her.” (Uhm red flag, huh?!) I even called him out for it! “Ya know, I’m getting my nails done.

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I bought a new dress AND Calli is doing a marketing photoshoot at the botanical gardens…. just saying…. this could be a perfect night to propose! 😉👀” Eric became quickly unamused and frustrated because I was ruining his surprise “Can you please just leave it alone. It will happen when it happens!” (Anyone else’s bf got hounded on for 3 years before proposing?! Haha) I left it alone. I felt bad for putting pressure on him and he was right, it will happen when it happens. Saturday rolls around and we hung out all day. Went to the gym, grabbed lunch, had a little nap on the couch. Eric was acting COMPLETELY normal. I thought, he wasn’t going to propose after all. He took me to dinner at VAST, which is located at the top of the tallest building in OKC and was also the same place he asked me to be his girlfriend. We enjoyed dinner, drinks, and conversation. I even texted my BFF Kayle to see if she and her boyfriend wanted to go have a drink after. The night was calm and the thought of a proposal was no longer in my head.

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After dinner, we drove over to the Botanical Gardens where Calli was having a “marketing shoot” and needed us as her models. She started by taking normal marketing pictures upstairs and then said “let’s go down, the lighting is better there!” As we went down the elevator and then turned the corner, Eric had tears in his eyes. I was in shock at the setup. He put rose petals, candles, pictures of our life together, and champagne on this bridge. I had my big coat and purse in my hands and I threw them to the side. He took my hand walked me down and I began to blackout. My best friend got down on one knee and before he could even finish I said, “YES! Of course!!” Then proceeded to cry and ask him if he was certain 😂. Our family came popping out, celebrating, and drinking champagne with us. We then moved over to surprise number 2 of the night where all our closest friends were waiting for us to celebrate at an after-party. It truly was a night I wanted to live over and over again. I’ll never forget the details, the effort, and love Eric (and my family helping) put into proposing for me. It was everything I wanted! An intimate proposal of just us and then a celebration with all our family and friends after.

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Special Thanks

Calli Brown
 | Photographer
Ashley Newey
 | Planning
Kayle Marshall
 | Planning