Alexis and Duke

How We Met

I was still in high school when I met Duke. Our mutual friends were dating (we were the two who did not know each other) and long story short, set us up to go to my senior homecoming together. I tried to get out of the date, but Duke refused. It was the best first date I’ve ever had, and the start of a lifetime of him refusing to let me back out and back into my comfort zone. He quickly became my best friend and adventure partner. We survived long distance, family disputes, and vacations that did not go as planned. But, our differences have always balanced us out and made us love each other even more.

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how they asked

Duke and I had been planning on going to Hawaii to celebrate being done with school, as it is one of our favorite places. We had talked in depth and I knew we had a lot of changes coming up, so a proposal was not in our future. I am going to be moving to Iowa for vet school, and Duke had led me to think that our relationship could be over. We spent a few days in Hawaii having a great time, but I had even told my best friend an engagement was not going to happen. We had made plans to go for a hike at Crouching Lion with Duke’s cousin (who lives on the island) and her friends (who happened to be photographers) were going to tag along. I had gotten sunburnt the day before and was not really feeling that great, plus it was raining pretty hard. Duke was set on going, and was hopeful the weather would turn around. We got to the trail head and the weather was perfect, not too hot and not raining. We made our way to the top and the friends offered to take some pictures of us. Duke walked me out to the ledge that looked over the island and the ocean where he then grabbed my hands. He told me he had something important to ask me, and that he had been thinking about this for a long time. I was so confused, and asked him if he was joking. After asking a few more times, and him telling me he was moving to Iowa, I still was in shock. It wasn’t until he got down on one knee that I realized what was actually happening and that I wasn’t dreaming. He pulled out the most perfect ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Later, I found out, that he had been planning it for months and had asked my mom, brother, grandma, and close friend for their permission. It was a surprise I could have never imagined. Now, I will be starting vet school with my fiance!

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Special Thanks

Ashley Petit
 | Photographer