Alexis and Dexter

Image 4 of Alexis and Dexter

How We Met

We met in law school, he was a year ahead of me. I heard many stories of several people finding their husbands or wives in law school and I completely brushed that off and never thought it would happen to me.

Image 1 of Alexis and Dexter

We first met at a bar called Lucky’s (it was the unofficial law school bar in Columbus) at one of the first bar reviews of the semester. Our first conversation he started telling me how OSU wasn’t that impressive (I am a double buckeye and he went to Ohio University), and from there it was a little inside joke between us.

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We saw each other at school but did not really hang out that first semester. We texted back and forth and it felt very easy to talk to him. He would ask me to hang out a few times but I, unfortunately, was also busy. That went on for the rest of the year until the summer when I was less busy. We went to a Nelly concert when he played with the Columbus Symphony, saw Finding Dory and he took me Ziplining. Pretty soon afterward we started dating during the summer of 2016.

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How They Asked

We were in Hilton Head, South Carolina with some of our friends. It was the second day we were there. After a full day of enjoying the beach, we went back to our room to eat dinner. We had tacos and then one of our friends suggested a walk on the beach to “walk off the tacos.” I did not give it a second thought and agreed it would be nice.

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As we were walking, Dexter asked our friend if he had seen Uncut Gems, that was the code word. Next thing I know, our friends are backing away and I see Dexter getting down on one knee. I do not remember what he said, but as soon as I realized what was happening I could not stop crying. It was a beautiful moment.

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