Alexis and Devin

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Zugspitze Germany

How We Met

Devin and I met through a mutual friend (shout out Brooklyn!) I had just got out of a relationship and wanted nothing to do with another relationship at the time. Brooklyn INSISTED I would just love her friend Devin… but I thought she was full of it. One night in Seattle for girls night out I told Brooklyn “omg that guy over there with the baseball hat is so good looking”. She rolled her eyes at me and said: “that’s Devin”. The rest is history from there :)

How They Asked

Devins younger brother has been stationed in Germany for the last four years. He is serving in the army. For Christmas, we decided to go visit him so he wouldn’t have to be alone on the holidays!

We flew into Spain and went to Barcelona for a few days. Then flew to Germany and went to a little town called Garmisch. The worlds cutest Christmas village town where you are 100% guaranteed to eat too many brats and drink way too much beer.

We were on vacation for about 10 days and on our second to last day, we went to the highest point in all of Germany which is a mountain called the Zugspitze. You take a train through tunnels that are handmade through the mountain to get to the top. When we finally got to the top the view looked unreal (as you can see). Right away Devin told me how much he loved me and popped the question! And of course, I said yes!!! I can’t wait to be his wife!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Zugspitze Germany

Us on the train ride up to the top of the mountain! We were so tired and jet-lagged from flying all over Europe.

A photo of our champagne celebration after!!!! With my beautiful ring designed by Devin himself!!!

Special Thanks

Dallas Jones
 | Photographer