Alexis and David

How We Met

I remember exactly when I met David: it was the summer before graduation at the University of Central Florida, and a sorority friend introduced me to this “fraternity boy” named David. Before I knew it, we both were out on our first date to the Olive Garden (yes, I go for the breadsticks – what girl doesn’t?). I remember the entire day before I kept thinking to myself: “gosh, he’s so handsome”; I thought about our date at Olive Garden so much that I worked myself into a bit of a panic. By the time we got to dinner, I had lost my entire appetite from the nerves! I awkwardly ordered a kid’s meal, because it was probably the only thing I could realistically eat on the menu because I was so nervous. I’ll never forget what happened next: he gave a laugh and ordered a kids meal too. From that moment on I knew David was the one.

Image 1 of Alexis and David

We dated through our last year of college together, before taking the plunge into a long distance relationship for the next three years. I figured, if he could order a kids meal at an Olive Garden, then he’ll be able to order that kids meal anywhere we met up around the country to spend time with each other. I was right. I moved up to chilly Boston to pursue my law degree, while he moved to Arlington, VA to pursue his career as an engineer. No matter the time or distance we spent apart, the feelings I experienced that first summer night never flickered out. We would meet up all over the country and do date nights just like any other couple would –providing the restaurant served kids meals, of course.

how they asked

My favorite date night happened to be July 6th, 2015: David flew up to experience Boston’s 4th of July fireworks with me, and I had just returned from studying law abroad in Sweden. Over the various times he had visited me at law school, we took a liking to going to the Omni Parker House whenever our budgets would allow it. The Omni Parker House itself has a fascinating history, but it’s Table 40 in the main dining room is the most famous. Table 40 is where John Fitzgerald Kennedy proposed to Jackie Lee Bouvier, thus becoming the couple we all learn about in grade school. On July 6th, when we arrived at the Omni Parker House, the hostess asked if we were celebrating anything – I naturally said my usual, long-distance relationship “no.” Immediately after David piped in, mentioning that we were celebrating our two-year anniversary. Nodding her head, the hostess led us to Table 40, and I was shocked: a dozen roses on the table. As I was collecting myself from the surprise, David got down on one knee. It goes without saying: I said yes!

Image 2 of Alexis and David

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