Alexis and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met In 2014 at BJ’s Restaurant where we both worked at the time. My first impression of him was that he was rude because he didn’t respond to my text asking if he could cover my shift. Haha! Over time we started working more shifts together and seeing each other outside of work hanging out in our coworker friend groups. We became really good friends and started hanging out on our own.

He took me on tons of fun adventures like rides on his motorcycle (sorry mom!) and taught me how to shoot guns, play golf and lots of other new activities that I never would have tried. We had a great time together! Eventually, Daniel wanted to ask me out. Being the gentleman that he is, he asked my dad permission to take me out. (My dad worked at BJ’s at the time too) He got the OK and we went on an official date and the rest is history!

How They Asked

I’m a dance teacher and our studio puts on two dance recitals a year. It was our spring recital and the owner of my studio told me that we needed to dress nice because at the end of the recital all of the teachers were going to go on stage and have a photo taken. I didn’t think much of this because things like this aren’t uncommon. The final bows ended and I was waiting on the side of the stage getting ready to walk on stage for our “photo” when out of nowhere “Hard to Concentrate” started playing (this is Daniel and I’s song) Up to the stage walks Daniel playing guitar and singing the song!!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in On stage at my dance studios spring dance recital

Alexis's Proposal in On stage at my dance studios spring dance recital

Wedding Proposal Ideas in On stage at my dance studios spring dance recital

Not only was that crazy enough but my students had a pre-choreographed dance that they were doing in the background during the whole thing! Once he finished the song he got down on one knee and asked! I immediately said YES and the whole crowd started cheering. There were 300+ people in the audience including my whole family.

When it was over all of my students ran up to me at once crying their eyes out and hugging me. It was the most amazing moment of my life I couldn’t believe that it was planned out so well without me knowing and so many people were in on it!

Special Thanks

Kari Hollingsworth
 | Planning
Brittany Miller
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring