Alexis and Christopher

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How We Met

Christopher and I met on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. I had been single about a year and a half and had friends trying to get me to sign up for dating apps basically from the beginning. I refused to say that it was weird and I was going to meet my match the old fashioned way – in a bar. After a string of unsuccessful dates and then a break from dating altogether, I decided that maybe I would give the apps a try just to “get my good dating karma back out there.”

Christopher was one of the first guys I connected with and we matched on the day I was heading out of town for a friend’s wedding. I was impressed by the fact that he made the conversation so easily compared to anyone else, but I was nervous he was going to think I wasn’t interested in him since I would be slow to respond between traveling and being a bridesmaid. I let him know I was traveling for a wedding and he immediately responded “Need a plus one? I’m a good people person and handsome in a suit ;)” The wedding was out of state so I told him I’d have to take him up on the offer for the next wedding, but I spent the next day telling my friends and fellow bridesmaids all about him. We were even comparing my matches to actual bagels and when they asked me what kind of bagel he would be I responded “He’s an everything bagel. The best one.”

One week later, we were on a real date, and just a couple of weeks after that, we deleted our apps and were “officially” dating. Two and a half years later, never did I ever think I would meet the love of my life on the dating apps I had refused for so long.

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How They Asked

Christopher had been hinting at a proposal for over a year. Well, he had basically been talking about getting married since we started dating, but we had been seriously talking about it after about a year of dating.

In March 2020, my parents were supposed to come to Phoenix for their annual Spring Training trip. For some reason, I had started to put clues together that maybe Christopher would propose while they were in town. About a week before, he asked if I was going to get my nails done before my mom came to town. Instantly, I knew my suspicions were right. And then….quarantine happened.

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The next few weeks showed no promising signs for a proposal. But that didn’t stop me from watching all the wedding shows and YouTube videos I could find and throwing not-so-subtle hints whenever I could.

In the last week of April, Christopher told me that he wanted to have a quarantine date night, dress up, and order food in. The next day, he told me his mom and stepdad wanted to join us for a virtual “double date,” which made me even more excited since we were both craving family time. On Friday afternoon after we had wrapped up work, Christopher told me to get ready and be ready by 6 because that’s when his mom would be calling to FaceTime. While I was getting ready, I thought to myself “maybe he’ll surprise me and having both our parents FaceTime us and propose tonight.” As soon as the thought popped into my head, I brushed it right off because I thought there’s no way this is happening during the quarantine.

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At 5:52, I came downstairs very excited since I was ready 8 minutes ahead of schedule (a very rare occasion for me). As I was bragging about how early I was, I realized I only had one strip of false eyelashes on because I had taken the other one off to reapply. I told Christopher “it’s just sitting on the counter because I was waiting for the glue to get tacky. I’ll be back in 20 seconds.” Christopher told me no because we needed to call his mom. “But I”m 8 minutes early, I have time to get it and put it back on.” “No. I’m calling my mom now,” he said as he grabbed my hand and proceeded to dial.

His mom answered and he told her we were going to call her in another few minutes to FaceTime. “Great,” I said. “Then can I go get my eyelash?” Just then, I heard loud sirens on our street. I walked over the front windows to see what was happening and just as I was about to lift the blinds, Christopher grabbed my hand and told me to come outside.

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We walked outside where a parade of cars (full of our friends) was being led by Christopher’s best friend who is a police officer. Each of them had a sign spelling out “Will You Marry Me?” Christopher told me how much he loved me and then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said “YES!” Just as Christopher stood up and we hugged, all of our friends got out of their cars to pop confetti and we realized the last car was filled with my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and aunt who had driven down from California to surprise the both of us.

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The surprises kept rolling in as we found out our friends and family all got to witness it over Zoom, the local news came to interview us and my best friend surprised us with a Cameo video from Chris Harrison sending his congratulations.

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Our proposal is a story that may not have happened how he planned but ended up being so much better because we were surrounded by love, friends, and family who may not have gotten to witness it if it weren’t for quarantine making us all so Zoom-savvy. We’re so excited to start the rest of our lives together!

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