Alexis and Christopher

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How We Met

He stood me up! He hates when I say that, but he canceled our date due to work 15 minutes before. That night he immediately rescheduled it for the next day. I’m so glad I went because I was NOT going to do it! He’d been so persistent and I never had someone like that before. He was interested in everything I said. He also said I talked a lot, which is also out of character, but now I realize it’s because it’s so easy with him. In our three years, we’ve done long-distance, fought cancer, and now quarantine. 2020 has been interesting, but I wouldn’t want to do it anyone else.

How They Asked

It was our anniversary! We’d gone to dinner and we were just about finished and he said: “I’ll be right back”… but he was gone for 10 minutes. I started to get suspicious. Once we leave the restaurant, he decides to take me to the Astro’s stadium. I know what you’re thinking… but this was also a stalling tactic. Once we get in the car, he takes me to Discovery Green Park and walks me up a hill and there was a picnic blanket with pillows, roses, champagne, and Chantilly cake (my favorite).

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Before we could even sit down, he holds both of y’all hands, gets one knee, and proposes.

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I don’t remember a single word he said! All I know is that I said yes! It’s the ring of my dream, with the man of my dreams!

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