Alexis and Brett

Alexis's Proposal in Turlock, CA

Brett had been dating Lexi for about 2 weeks when he told Lexi’s family and friends that he planned on marrying Lexi one day. He said, “Watch and see! I’m going to make Lexi my wife!” We all laughed but at the same time it was cute.

Brett and Lexi had been dating for almost a year before he proposed. He had her mom and friends go out for a “girls night” the day after Thanksgiving. Every Friday after Thanksgiving, our town has the annual holiday tree lighting ceremony. The whole town comes together for a stage performance, local vendors, games and fun with friends and family. Brett took it upon himself to ask the mayor if he would be willing to help him and ask Lexi to marry him in front of the entire town. Of course the mayor said yes!

On that night, Lexi’s mom and friends got close to the stage to watch the performance. It was beyond shocking when the mayor asked Brett to come up on stage (who was supposed to be at home). Brett called Lexi and had Santa bring her on stage. He gave her a dozen roses for every reason why Brett was so in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Of course being in front of hundreds of people Brett was quite nervous but, he did it and she said yes!! And let me tell you, I’ve never seen Lexi cry so much in her life. She was taken completely off guard and it surprised the hell out of her. Brett and Lexi had everyone in the audience crying because it was one of the best proposals we had ever seen.

Brett & Lexi come from a small town and to have something as magical and incredible as that had the town talking for the entire holiday season. It was definitely something every girl was jealous of.

Alexis and Brett's Engagement in Turlock, CA

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