Alexis and Ben


How We Met

January 2015 I was studying abroad in Rome when I was given an assignment to complete a scavenger hunt for class, who knew at the end of the hunt would lead me to my future husband. At the end of the day my friends and I went out to celebrate in the beautiful city. The second place we went it did not take long to notice Ben smiling at me as I walked by. Obviously nervous I went over and made small talk about the soccer “football” game he was watching. The night went by way too quickly for me to and I knew I had to see Ben again. Ben suggested my friends and I come to London, where he is from, and he would show us around. After texting literally everyday Spring Break was finally there. Ben and I met up and spent the day walking 10 miles around London talking and laughing over everything from family, friends, traveling, and our different careers. Little did we know at the end of the week it would be the first of many tear filled airport goodbyes. My study abroad trip ended weeks later. Not ready to leave, I talked my best friend into canceling our flights back home to the states so we could go spend more time in England. A year and a half, 10 trips combined for us, and lots of flight miles later Ben and I are ENGAGED!!!!


how they asked

Ben told me that we were going on a walk in a park he found in Windsor called Valley Gardens. After the walk the plan was to go have tea at a really nice hotel so I had to dress up a bit. As we pulled in and started walking I couldn’t help but stop and want to take pictures of all the flowers and tell him how beautiful it all was. Finally, we got to an area called “The Punchbowl.” I found myself in the middle of this beautiful semicircle flower filled garden as Ben tapped my shoulder and said “Lex.” My heart stopped, I turned around and saw my best friend down one knee. I think I said stop, yes?! Seriously? He lead me down the steps where my cousin ran into my arms. As I ugly cried into her arms I thought how could I be so blessed. After champagne and stunning pictures were taken it all feels real in the most magical way.




Special Thanks

Pippa Wilson
Pippa Wilson Photography