Alexis and Arthur

My boyfriend, two best friends and I planned to spend New Years Eve in New Orleans. On this trip, I had one goal: eat as many beignets as possible. So our second day on the trip, my friends wake me up super early and tell me to do my hair so I can look presentable at least most of the trip. Then we can get breakfast at Cafe Du Monde.

We are walking towards the cafe but my overly excited friends get distracted by the cathedral across the street. So we walk into Jackson Square. My friends start walking in one direction; my boyfriend and I in the other. He tries to convince me that I should take a picture pretending to hug some tree. Next thing I know, I turn around and there he is on one knee. I was so excited that I didn’t give him a chance to get a word in. He even hired a photographer to capture the moment…

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