Alexis and Armando

How We Met

We met on a dating website. I came up on his list of compatible matches and he liked my smile. On May 5, 2013 he messaged me on the site and we messaged for an entire day until we exchanged numbers. We spent the next week and a half texting back and forth until we decided to meet for the first time on a Friday evening. He picked me up at my apartment and took me to Harry Caray’s in Downtown Chicago for a drink. We went on two more dates after that and on our third date, May 25, 2013 he asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

Since I was a little girl I’ve loved to vacation to Orlando, Florida to visit the many theme parks. As I grew older Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure have become my favorite, even more so now that they included the new Harry Potter worlds as it’s one of my favorite movies. For my 26th birthday he thought it’d be a great idea for us to vacation to Orlando for the week with my sister and her boyfriend. We decided we’d leave the Harry Potter section for my birthday since we had a 4-day pass to the parks. My sister insisted I do my hair and makeup since it was my birthday, which is something I rarely do as I rarely wear makeup. As we approached the Hogwarts castle and were crossing the bridge he asked if we could take a picture with the castle in the background so we could frame it. As we were posing for the picture he turned to face me and got down on his knee. He was so nervous and kept smiling to hold back from his tears. I immediately started tearing from how excited I was. “I know this is the happiest place for you and because of that I wanted to make you even happier by asking you, would you marry me?” I immediately said of course and the people who were passing cheered as he got up to hug me.

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