Alexis and Alexander

how they asked

I talked with Alex several times beforehand about the plan – I would arrive at beautiful Cryder Beach in Southampton, NY on a Sunday evening, about 30 minutes before he planned to go on a casual after dinner stroll with Alexis. The day was gloomy and we were anxious about rain, but went forward with it anyways – Alex just wanted to do it!

Once I was on the beach I told him where I was, and of course when they arrived I saw them walk in the complete opposite direction. I casually beach strolled in their general direction, trying not to look crazy and/or suspicious with two cameras slung over my shoulder. I pretended to be very interested in the beach grass about 50 feet behind them while they sat in the sand. By this time the sun was out and the sky was dotted with purple clouds – it was the most beautiful post rainy day light.

It felt like I was sitting in that beach grass for hours when I finally saw Alex get down on one knee. I smiled ear to ear and laughed a little bit as I fired my camera like crazy. After a few moments Alex pointed to me standing in the beach grass and Alexis burst out laughing. She was totally suspicious of me – not because she thought I was about to capture her engagement, but, in her words “I know this beach is beautiful…but really? What is this lady doing?” They asked if I noticed how Alexander had dropped the ring in the sand – I didn’t, but found that to be hilarious and was grateful it afforded me a few more snaps in that iconic pose!

We spent a few minutes walking around on the beach, taking sweet snaps and admiring Alexis’ new ring before they walked back home to share the news with their parents.

I’ll be photographing these two again in June and can’t wait for another frolic on the beach, this time without worrying about the whole incognito thing!