Alexis and Alex

How We Met: Alex and I had amazing opportunities to work and explore a new city. Alex was being stationed in Arlington, VA he is an Infantry Man in the army. I was a nanny, starting with a new family with two wonderful little girls. We had flown into this brand new city a week apart from eachother. His second weekend there, my first weekend, we had decided we needed a night on the town. I was with some girlfriends of mine I had just met, he was with some of his battle buddies. Dancing is something I’ve always loved, and being under 21, there weren’t many places I could experience a little bit of the night life and dance. There was one place I kept hearing about, Ultra Bar. My girlfriends and I thought it sounded fun, so we went. He happened to think the same thing. Except he is over 21, he was looking more for the drinking aspect of things. Ha. Getting to this club, at first I was a little uncomfortable. My friends and I sat down for a couple minutes just to “observe” things. I am sitting on this bench, watching all these people walking up these stairs next to us, and right then… I saw the most handsome man I have ever seen. Yes, I know, probably not the thing you hear someone say coming from a club. But this man, holy cow! I leaned over to my friend i was sitting next to and said, “See that guy, by the end of the night, I am going to dance with him!” She looked at me like i was crazy. After turning away for two seconds he was gone. We got up and started dancing and moving from floor to floor until we found this floor the girls and i liked. The music was a lot better than the rest and there weren’t that many crazy drunk people on this floor, YET! We were just minding our own business, dancing, talking, and having a good time between us girls. And then, there he was, enjoying his time with his guys. All those boys had really pretty girls around them, yupp, my chances were shot. Whatever, i was going to have a good, fun night. The floor started to get a little more packed. More people just kept coming up, and more people, and pretty soon the floor was just full! Crazy drunk people were starting to accumulate on that floor. Dancing and having a good time, I keep catching glancing over at this man. He never caught me! My friends and i were about to call it a night, then this man walked over! Said hello, and started talking to us. At first I had thought he was into my friend. Then, there was three random guys that came over and asked us girls to dance, they said yes, i said no thank you. But this random guy didn’t understand the word, ‘No thank you’. This handsome man that is standing in front of me leans over to this other guys and says “Hey, she is with me, man!” and he walks away. Thank goodness! We start talking more, laughing and laughing! He leans over and asked what my name is and what school i go to (college). I said “My name is Alexis, and actually I’m a nanny here in VA!” He pauses a moment and says “No way! My name is Alexis!” and pulls out his cat-card. Then i knew he was in the military. The night got late, we had been talking for quite some time. I was getting tired and so was my friends. It was time we started heading home. My girlfriends and I had said our goodbyes to the boys and left. Some of the girls and I had went different ways. My friend Ashley and I were heading the same place. So, just her and I got on the metro heading back home. Took the metro to the main station and we were just standing there waiting for the train. I look up, and there Alex was! Walking down the stairs to get onto the same train I was already waiting for. I’m positive my face was the color of a cherry! I turned around fast! He sure noticed me, and came up to us. We got on the train together and sat next to each other. Not running out of a thing to say to each other. Him and his friends, thinking they are so cool and a little drunk, started showing off for us two girls. Doing PUSH UPS on the train! I laughed and I’m pretty sure Ashley was to. But in a weird way, i was very impressed and little on cloud 9. After a good half hour train ride, talking and laughing, it came to the stop where the boys had to get off. Oh I forgot to mention before we left the bar, I had gave Alex my number. So as soon as I had left the bar that night he texted me. As soon as he got off the train, i got a cute text from him. We talked all night long. Alex and I have never had a dull moment. We have always found something to talk and laugh about. He is absolutely perfect.

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how they asked: Our time together in this amazing city we met, had to come to an end. My nanny job ended and I flew back home to Utah. He was still living in Virginia, things were hard. Having a long distance relationship was very difficult. Two months after I came home, he came to Utah to visit me and meet big family. I had him for two whole weeks, nothing military would interfere, which was kind of nice for once. We had so much fun. Playing with my siblings, hanging out with my parents. He saw mountains for the first time, we took a few drives through the canyon. Time was running out, he was going to leave in just a few more days. It was his last Friday in Utah, and he went to dinner with my parents and was gone for a really long time. It was a day i hardly got to see him and share time with him. That night, I got a little mad… I was upset that he wanted to spend more time with my family than with just me. The next day, Saturday, in the morning him and my dad had went and picked up some guns to shoot. They set up a target and that is how they spent there morning and afternoon. Soon after that, they left for another two hours. I was getting a little more sad that he was not wanting to go and do things with me. He could tell I was pretty sad and upset at this moment. He came to me and said randomly, “Get ready, we are going to dinner! You can even wear a dress tonight!” Me being me, I was still irritated, but with no hesitation, I got all dolled up. He put on a nice shirt and we were on our way. He would not tell me where we were going. An hour into the drive we arrived! The whole drive he was acting weird. Didn’t talk much, which isn’t like him at all! I could tell he was nervous. When we went and sat down at the restaurant, he was bouncing his leg, he never does that either! HeImage 1 of Alexis and Alexstarted asking me questions like, ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years’, ‘Are you happy’, things like that. More questions, and things were starting to set on my gut. He was breaking up with me. We were over! I knew it, all of this, this perfect relationship we had build it was all over. We got our food and he chowed it down, then watched me eat like he wanted me to eat faster. Then, he said “I’ve got to go to the bathroom!” Got up, and was gone for a good 15 minutes. He came back and said, “I found our waiter, I ordered us some desert. You will never guess what I ordered.” Knowing him, he would order the most chocolaty thing they offer! I’m not a big chocolate brownie with chocolate chips and triple chocolate frosting. I like cheesecake. He started bouncing his leg again watching for this waiter to come with HIS dessert. Weirdly, I started to notice people crowding around, looking at me. He came the waiter, turns out it was cheesecake, with a little sparkle to it. Alex took my hand and had me stand up from the bench. The sweetest things I have ever heard him say to me. He took one knee, and asked me to spend forever with him. Of course, I said yes. I said yes to this man of my dream. I am going to spend forever with my best friend, and I can’t wait.

September 12th, 2015 is our wedding date. Alex and I had met September 13th, 2014 in Washington DC. I will have met this amazing man, dated, got engaged, and marry this man in a day less than a year. I guess when you know, you know!