Alexis and AJ

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How We Met

Alexis and I met in 2011 at the end of our sophomore and junior years of high school respectively. We had found out we would be in ASB together the next year so a mutual friend introduced us to each other. We started hanging out that summer with some of our friends from ASB and I asked for her number. I started texting her all the time. She says she was a little creeped out but she likes to try to play things cool– she was already falling in love. We became best friends that summer and I continued to flirt and see what would happen.

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On November 17, 2011 we had plans to hang out with some friends at a Christmas tree lighting in Costa Mesa. Our other friends backed out at the last minute and that left Alexis and me to go just the two of us. We remember this night as our first date. We had the best night and ended up holding hands for the first time. Long story short, this is where we finally admitted to ourselves that this was more than friendship.

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We started going on more dates and eventually became an official couple on February 29, 2012 (Technically we’ve only been dating for a little over a year because we’ve only had one anniversary from that day).

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I loved my last semester of high school in this new relationship with this sweet little Greek girl of mine. That fall, I went off to college at Point Loma Nazarene University while Alexis was in her senior year of high school. It was really challenging to be apart but this year made us appreciate each other so much more. Alexis ended up at Point Loma the next year and we had some great years together. We made awesome friends, grew a ton in our faith, and had a lot of fun along the way!

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I graduated from Point Loma in 2016 and Alexis graduated in 2017 and we both now have jobs that we love.

how they asked

Fast forward to November 17, 2017, exactly 6 years after our first date, I asked Alexis to be my wife! We had an awesome 2 days of visiting some spots around Orange County that are really special to us and we ended in Laguna Beach at sunset where I proposed. She said yes, obviously.

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That’s the short version of our story. We’ve had some great people in our lives along the way that have shaped our lives and our story. We’re so grateful for each person that has played a part in what these last 6 years have looked like for us.

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I couldn’t be more excited to start my life with Alexis. She loves Jesus with her whole heart, she loves people almost as much as she loves Jesus, and anybody who has spent any time with her knows that she is pretty much the most fun person you can ever be with. She’s so loyal, compassionate, funny, and filled with life. She makes life fun. Oh, and have you ever seen her? She’s also really, really, really beautiful!

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Special Thanks

Garrett Richardson
 | Photographer
Megan Richardson
 | Planning