Alexia and Tim + Their Adorable Baby Boy!

How We Met: Growing up, Alexia was the baby in her large, Greek family. Her YiaYia (grandmother) was convinced it was her prayers that were the reason Alexia was eventually conceived (after years of trying and multiple surgeries), and because so, it built a strong bond between Alexia and her. Just after her 91st birthday Alexia’s beloved YiaYia began to get very ill, her situation worsening with each day. This began to take a larger toll on Alexia than she even thought possible.

In hopes of cheering her spirits with a night out, a friend of Alexia’s convinced her to come to Orange County for the weekend. Reluctant at first, she finally agreed thinking she too could use a little fun to mask her sorrow. After meeting for dinner her friend brought her by his buddy Tim’s house for a couple drinks before going out on the town. The minute she arrived her and Tim didn’t stop engaging in conversation. The entire night they talked and talked and talked. In and out of busy, crowded, loud bars all night…it was as if it was just the two with the world whirling around them. As intrigued as she was, she went back to her hotel that night without even giving him her number.

Panicked, Tim couldn’t believe he let this one get away. The next day he found out where she would be and made sure to meet up with her. Spending the entire day together. That evening Alexia received a phone call when they were together. It was to break the bad news that her YiaYia had passed away. Devastated, she drove back home to Los Angeles. She flew to Sacramento days laterto be with her family and upon returning from the funeral, Tim was there waiting for her at LAX airport. He spent that entire weekend with her. And the next. And the next. And every weekend there after. There was a sense of serene calmness that came over Alexia after that first weekend together.

Alexia smiled to herself as the realization of everything came over her. YiaYia was always a planner, always wanted everyone else to be happy and taken care of…and this too, was all in her plan. It was as if she aligned the stars, had Alexia & Tim meet, and knew then, all will be okay and that her time to go had arrived. It was more than mere coincidence that they met, it was planned out, and planned out very well.

how they asked: Christmas Eve of 2010 Tim & Alexia excitedly boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Paris. She carried a baby bump, he was carrying an engagement ring. Without a clear plan plotted out, Tim left the proposal to spontaneity. He figured when the time was right he would know that that was the moment to spring the question. For days he carried the ring around Paris in the inside pocket of his coat. They trudged through snow sightseeing the wonders of Paris yet there wasn’t a moment that stuck out as “perfect” to Tim.

They then took a short flight to London. A few days into their visit they planned out a funfilled day. That morning they toured the Tower of London, visited the Aquarium, and went to see Wicked. After leaving the play feeling full of life, they stopped into a pizzeria that Tim loved. They ate a dinner of gourmet pizza (a common love of theirs) and then hopped on the Tube back to their hotel.

Tim suggested that a warm bath was in order after a full day out in the icy cold. He dropped her at the hotel and scurried off to the store to buy bubble bath. Unknowingly to Alexia, he made one stop…to one of the iconic red telephone booths that are spreckled throughout the city. Nervous and anxious, he phoned her parents back in the States. He called to ask for their permission to propose to their daughter. Shortly after he returned back, bubble bath in hand and energy at an all time high. He hurried off into the bathroom to draw the tub full of water and after 10 minutes came out looking defeated. There was no hot water. He immediately went downstairs to complain which puzzled Alexia why it was even that big of a deal.

Without any answer in sight he arrived back and offered to give her a back massage. Still she had no clue. He put on a bathrobe, which was bizarre to her. Then poured himself a glass of red wine, even more bizarre to her seeing he hates red wine. But still, not a clue in her mind what was about to happen. Shortly into her massage, he told her how he had got to do everything this year he had hoped except for one thing. Again, she still had no idea what he was getting at.

It was then that he said, “Except ask you to be my wife. Will you marry me?”

Photos by Pure Love Photography – a boutique photography studio in Southern California.
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