Alexia and Mike

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Louvre, Paris

How We Met

Mike and I met at work. It was my birthday and he was craving something sweet, so when we came to wish me a happy birthday, his ulterior motive was to score a piece of birthday cake. When I told him my work colleagues had not gotten me cake, he felt bad and got me a donut from the cafeteria that day, with the promise of a better tasting donut the next morning. I chuckled as I tucked his promise in the back of my mind for safe keeping. I was very specific on the type of donut I wanted and I was not really expecting him to remember or go out of his way to get me a donut. The next day, TWO donuts were waiting for me at my office. That was a good morning. We kept talking throughout the day, but I didn’t think anything would come of our friendship. I had a strict no dating co-workers rule I had been very good at keeping to. As fate would have it, about two months later, we started dating. By this time, we had already been friends for a while and, like friends do, we talked and got to know each other. So, when I met him for our first date, I wasn’t as nervous, and I knew what to expect.

What I didn’t expect was the instant chemistry I felt during the date. In a more intimate setting, away from any distractions, we were simply two people into each other. At the end of the night, he kissed me and I felt the stuff that books tell you fairy tales are made of. Fast forward a little less than two years, and we still feel just as lucky as we did the first time we went out.

how they asked

We had planned a trip to Europe for one of his buddy’s birthday, and our birthdays, since they are all within a month of each other. I wanted nice photos of us while we were over there since we are horrible at taking anything other than selfies *insert face palm emoji*, so I found a photographer in Instagram and I fell in love with his photos. After a few emails, I had a photo shoot planned for our third night in Paris, at the Louvre and the Palais Royal. I had picked out the perfect dress, perfect shoes, and perfect boyfriend for this thing. He had just gotten new shirts, slacks, and shoes, so it was all aligning perfectly. We. Were. Ready.

Five days before we were supposed to leave, Hurricane Irma hit and we lost power. Thankfully we had minimal property damage, but we had no AC or running water for six days, the dress I had bought was in the mail with no update, and tensions were running high.

Now, every time we have traveled together, it is usually me who has the carry-on bag. He likes to travel light, and he normally takes minimal stuff with him on the plane, so he gives it to me for safekeeping. This time, he had his carry-on packed before I even got home. I was too tired and rushed to ask why the sudden change, so I just let it go and thanked him for all he had done that day to get us ready. Having no power, no running water, and being in the dead heat and muggy weather of Florida was really getting to us, so we packed as fast as we could, hoping we had not forgotten anything. Talk about not being able to wait for vacation to start!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Louvre, Paris

So, with renewed spirits, we started our vacation. When we got to Paris, we took two days to do some sight-seeing, and on our third night we were getting ready for our photo shoot. When we were ready, we met the photographer and started the shoot. We had a lot of fun. Then he showed the photographer something in his phone, so I asked if everything was OK. He told me he had showed him a pose he liked and the photographer just nodded to him and said we could do that. So, we got back into posing.

Minutes later, he got down on one knee, said something I couldn’t make out through my sobs and tears, and (according to him) asked me to marry him. After an additional 10 minutes of crying, puffy eyes, and many kisses, I said yes to the man of my dreams in the most romantic city in the world!

P.S. — As every other girl would, I had always wondered how he would ask me if he ever proposed. And I would be lying if I didn’t say that I really was hoping it would happen in a super romantic way…maybe even during this trip, since our story would be amazing. ‘Oh, we just got engaged outside the Louvre in Paris, on a cool, crisp, fall day, while a photographer captured every second.’ No big deal, right?! But, I was definitely surprised. We had perused a jewelry store once before, but only looked at loose diamonds they had in the shape I loved. So, I was definitely not expecting him to move as fast as he did. I was just happy he had asked what I liked because, to me, it meant he was thinking of the next steps. Little did I know, he had been talking to the jeweler before that and I was picking out the stones and design of the ring he would ask me to marry him with.

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