Alexi and Zachary

Alexi's Proposal in Rockefeller Center- New York City

How We Met

Zak and I met working as pharmacy technicians at UW Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. We first started off as friends. I always thought Zak was adorable and one night while drinking with some friends and stalking his Facebook profile pictures, I liked an old picture of him. The next morning, I was sitting in the hospital cafeteria and Zak walked in and sat near me. I was pretty embarrassed as I remembered that I drunkenly was creeping on his profile last night. Zak was very kind and made me feel comfortable despite my embarrassment. After work that afternoon, I went home and received a Facebook message on my laptop from Zak. We chatted for awhile and Zak eventually asked for my number. I gave him my number and we ended up texting that whole week. The next weekend, Zak and his roommates were hosting a catalina wine mixer party. I wanted to go, but none of my friends wanted to come with. One of my best friends (Kendra) told me that she would come with me and be my “wing-woman”. As we entered the house, one of Zak’s roommates (Tyler) shouted down to me and Kendra and asked who we knew in the house. I preceded and told him that I knew Zak. A light bulb went off in Tyler’s head and he asked me if my name was Alexi. I told him it was, and he told me that Zak has been talking about me all week. Kendra and I walked into the house and found Zak. At this time of the night, everyone at the party was pretty drunk and Zak asked Kendra and I if we wanted to get out of there and head to a bar and then to get some food. We agreed and we spent the rest of the night laughing and getting to know each other. From there on out Zak and I were inseparable. We would hang out almost every day for the next month and sometimes stay up till 4am talking, laughing, and learning more about one another. On April 7th, 2014 (a few days after my birthday), I came over to Zak’s house after spending the whole day studying. I noticed that the door into his house was wide open so I decided to walk in. I walked down into the basement and saw Zak wrapped up in wrapping paper and holding flowers in one hand. A note on the flowers said, “I know these may be a little late, but I think you and me should date”. I (of course) said “yes” and the rest was history…!

Alexi and Zachary's Engagement in Rockefeller Center- New York City

how they asked

Alexi was a competitive figure skater while growing up. Every year, she would watch the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting on television and dream of the day she would go to New York City and skate on the ice rink at Rockefeller Center. For Christmas 2016, Zachary surprised Alexi with a trip to New York City. They packed their bags and landed in NYC a week later. They headed out to take the town in the pouring rain and explored the city hand-in-hand. Because of the unfortunate weather that day, they noticed that the Rockefeller Center ice rink was nearly empty – giving Zak the perfect opportunity to pop the question. As they skated around the, Alexi pulled out her phone to take some selfies in front of the iconic Prometheus statue. As the selfies commenced, Zak grabbed Alexi’s hands and began expressing his love for her. Zak struggled to get down on one knee in ice skates, but once he made it down he said “Alexi, will you marry me?”

Alexi, in complete shock with hair dripping wet, replied “YES!” Zak stood up, all wobbly on his skates, as they both realized that everyone at the Rockefeller Center was clapping and cheering in excitement for them. A mix of rain and tears streamed from Alexi’s face as she just realized what happened – the love of her life just asked her to marry him at her dream proposal location. They giddily skated around the rink, admiring the new sparkle on Alexi’s hand, soaking wet in the rain as the greatest moment of their lives began soak in.

They ran back to their hotel to change into some dry clothes for dinner. Alexi immediately wanted to FaceTime her parents (who were vacationing in California) but Zak convinced her to wait until after dinner. They headed to a bar before their dinner reservations and to Alexi’s surprise, her parents were there at the bar! Alexi came to the realization that Zak had planned this all out and that her parents were watching the engagement from afar and that her mom – who is a professional photographer – was secretly photographing the moment. They all celebrated and enjoyed dinner together. After dinner, they headed back to the hotel room and Alexi discovered that Zak had scattered rose petals all around their room and had a bottle of champagne delivered. They popped open the champagne and overlooked Times Square from their 64th floor hotel room as they sat hand in hand and reflected on the life-changing day that they just experienced.

Special Thanks

Kimberly Arneson
Kimberly (my mother) took all of the pictures posted above. Her photography business is Kjayphotos and she resides in Waunakee, WI.