Alexi and Cristian

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How We Met

Cristian and I met in the Student Union Building on Texas Tech’s campus. The back room of the SUB is a popular place for people to hang out, so that’s really where our friendship began. We had a lot of mutual friends and vaguely knew of each other, but we hadn’t quite crossed paths yet. One day during the fall semester of our sophomore year, I was working on a Spanish paper in the back room of the SUB. A guy that I had the class with knew Cristian and saw him walking into the building. He motioned him over, asking him to proof read my paper for me. This was basically the extent of our first interaction- one that was seemingly unimportant, but that would later lead me to my best friend and my greatest love. Over the next couple weeks, Cristian and I continued to see each other in the SUB, talking more and more each time. There was one time in particular where we were both sitting at a table talking with a group of people. Cristian and I got so invested in talking to each other, that when we finally looked around us, we noticed that we were the only ones left at that table. After a couple weeks of knowing Cristian, I told him that I wanted to start hanging out with him and his best friend Nick. Cristian bumped into me on campus one day, got my number, and almost immediately, him, Nick, and I began to hang out. Soon after, we all became close friends. Over Christmas break, Cristian and I kept in constant communication, and I even ended up spending New Year’s Eve with him and his family! It was over that Christmas break that he and I hung out alone for the first time. Even as friends, we would talk for hours and hours, never seeming to get enough of each other. A few days after returning back to Lubbock, Cristian asked me to have dinner with him. It was there that he sat me down, confronted our pull towards each other, and confessed his feelings for me. We started officially dating almost 3 months later, and were engaged a little over two years after that. Cristian and I have never been perfect people, nor have never had the perfect relationship. However, it has been extremely evident how the Lord created us to appeal and to love each other in ways that nobody else can. Cristian is my best friend; he brings my deepest laughs, my silliest moments, and has helped me learn more about myself and more about the Lord. Praise God for using Cristian to draw me nearer to Himself and for giving me the most fun and sanctifying of loves.

how they asked

April 29th, the day of the proposal, I went with my friends to get our nails done under the impression that we were having a girls’ day and taking friend pictures later. Afterwards, we left to get dressed up for pictures, met at my house, and then were supposed to leave from there. As we were walking out of my house, my friend Libby called my name, and I turned around to find a blindfold being placed over my eyes. She led me, blindfolded and walking like a baby giraffe, to her car. We (Libby, Sydney, Tavah, and I) drove for a short ways, stopping only to pick up my previous roommate and missing link, Jami, who drove from Waco to be a part of the event. As soon as I realized it was Jami who jumped in the car with us, I started to cry because at that moment I knew that something big must be happening. We drove for a while, listening to music and thoroughly confusing me as to where we were, until we arrived at what I later learned was Ransom Canyon. The car stops, my door opens, and I was helped out of the car. Once standing, an umbrella was placed over my head (it was chilly and slightly drizzling outside) and I was embraced by my best friend and love of my life, Cristian.

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He took my blind fold off and continued hugging me. He soon led me up a trail of cobblestone steps until we reached a wooden deck at the top. The deck was BEAUTIFUL, decorated with lights, mason jars, wooden signs, letters, etc. Cristian sat me down on a wooden bench at the edge of the deck. Off to each corner of the deck were two of our friends, one playing guitar and one taking pictures. Cristian read me scripture from John 13, which tells of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. He then proceeded to wash my feet, mimicking the humble servanthood of Jesus towards his beloved. (Praise God for the warm water!!) He then asked me to dance, and we began to sway to the music being played.

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After a few minutes, Cristian got down on his knee and began speaking about his love for me and ways that our relationship has shaped him and his view of the Lord. He and I were both teary-eyed when he finally asked me if I would marry him. Of course I said yes, and he slipped the most beautiful ring EVER on my finger. He got up from his knee, embracing me. Soon after, both of our families ran out and were able to celebrate and pray with us. Everything was perfect.

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Special Thanks

Mandy Mckamie
 | Photographer